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from catsoul :
How about a little girl's name of Autumn. It brings such beauty to mind doesn't it. =^..^=
from catsoul :
I also thought of something. I should have mentioned it in yesterday's note. I am a diabetic, I tend to be more hypoglycemic now. Anyway, by body gives me a little tell when my blood sugar is getting too low, I get a headachey feeling right up by my temples. Maybe you need to eat a little something more often. There is a difference between the headache I get when my blood pressure is rising and when I get the low blood sugar headache. The high blood pressure headache is a feeling like someone is tightening a band around my head. The low blood sugar headache usual just hits, for me my right side my temple. I hope that helps you out. I also hope that your appointment went well. Your pictures of the finished room is great. Don't you just love the smell of cedar! Take care. =^..^=
from catsoul :
I hope that you check your blood pressure. You tend to get a headache if it is elevated. I don't want to alarm you, but since you haven't had caffine for awhile you shouldn't be getting lack of caffine headaches. Maybe you should get yourself a wrist blood pressure cuff so that you can monitor your blood pressure. Just a thought. Or it could just be an old-fashioned headache, who knows. Other than that, sure am glad tomorrow is Friday. =^..^=
from nickyslilone :
Eh! Stumbled upon this diary, read your profile description, and was kinda shocked! I'm Nicola, and expecting my first child in late November too! haha :) official due date is 22nd November, but 12 week scan dates put me at 23rd November. Congrats!
from catsoul :
Congratulations to you both. Yupe good idea to let your husband clean up the mess. I was 29 when I had my son, I was so glad that I was a bit older. I enjoyed reading your update. Take care. =^..^=

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