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from sofrontwards :
your profile makes me feel at home! I really like your diary, it's worth reading.
from coldandgray :
Hi. Your template is so very nice, did you do it yourself?
from dope-slave :
from no-map :
aaaaaaw snowflakes!! your banner brought me here and I think I may well stay!! xxx
from hopewanted :
Oh girl, make some friends, talk to your classmates and co-workers! You're funny, you're cute, you're easy to talk to. I have faith in you. And ummm, did I hear you mention you're taking calc this semester?? So what's it going to take to have you come tutor me? Because I am too! ;) - Kiya
from cactustree :
NO SHIT. I was like, what the fuck is up with Paul Hamm's voice?? They all sound like they're about to welcome us to Munchkinland.
from cactustree :
oh no fair! I'm so jealous! I've always wanted a fun color like blue in my hair and it will never, no never, look half as good as yours does.
from cactustree :
nothing like a good epiphany to brighten your day.
from r-e-v-i-e-w :
your review is U-p! excellent job!
from splintreview :
HAHAHAHA *falls over in laughter* I was just reading your supermarket entry. I'm about to pee my pants. That was so funny! Wooo. Way to go, sista. -Carmen.
from slutreviews :
from explicitrvw :
Thanks for the request. You're now on the pending list and your review will be done soon :). <3<3
from turk4u :
Thanks so much for the kind review! I was actually a bit reluctant to submit my diary for a review (and this was my first ever review, by the way), but I am glad I did. In truth, I really was not expecting my score to be that high, but it was a very pleasant surprise. You are right about my guestbook, though; I will change it soon to look more like the rest of my diary's layout. But your kind words really moved me, and I am very thankful for your consideration and thoughtfulness. I wish you luck in the future ^_^.
from blinkreviews :
hey! Just wondering if you or anyone you know might want a reivew? If so, just read the rules and request one and we'll get to you a.s.a.p!
from owcowkee :
I really enjoy your layout. It is unlike others that I have seen. Thanks for dropping by, come back any time (consider it your haven away from Leslie Irene).
from nosafehaven :
It was a grand experience! I'd been preparing and studying and reading beforehand for months; talking myself out of doing it, convincing myself of the reasons I shouldn't. Actually doing it was an important step. Now I know it's what I want to do!
from minelouche :
congrats on your first circle! isn't it amazing to take some sort of power into your own hands? i love the feeling of control over my own life that magic gives me. and, well, it's always fun getting away with naughty things under mom's nose;) *walks away singing to herself* "do you believe in magic, in a young girl's heart..."
from minelouche :
hey misty! this is mindy from jeff's party. i loved the floor show;) and you're singing was amazing. so now you know who the hell i am;) *mwah!*
from rosesjopetal :
I like Johanna Lindsay also. SSSh don't tell anyone. I am also from philly. Have a good day.

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