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from teclo :
the point being, of course, that once out of academia, everyone becomes levelly important within their social circles. in unbalanced social circles (in which one may insert an outsider from a circle of friends [where "outsider" means "newcomer"], or one member may feel they are outranked or under-ranked in certain respects) there is always pomp and circumstance. talking without SAYING. and this is me, vomiting words.
from novembre :
i am learning ASL, slowly, slowly. (makes the sign for "slow", drawing dominant hand over the top of the other) 63 signs and i can almost discuss the basic office goings-on with the deaf relay service manager. he taught me "cute" and "funny" which i regularly apply to him. a gaggle of us hearing coworkers are going to an ASL immersion weekend. we will fine tune our fingerspellings and close our vocal chords for two days.
from kallah :
yes but when your spectacles return you will like them so much more in contrast to the mean substitute spectacles.
from novembre :
you are wonderful. vagina vagina vagina. oranges? vagina.
from might :
"...listening to things from iceland to life my spirits" !!!! also: i may need to officially make you my Imaginary Gynecology Go-To Girl. i think it will involve some sort of glittery sash and a tiara.
from might :
i thought of you today, at the gynecologist, as she was explaining things to me in a roundabout, tentative, euphemistic way, and i put my hand on her arm and said, "you know, i'm not at all squeamish about these things," and launched into an increasingly graphic series of questions-i-have-always-wanted-to-ask. she laughed. later, i asked her if it bothers her that it isn't called "the vulva monologues". [i think it may just be a thing for you & me]
from novembre :
hi. i like your diary. i added you to my favorites list thinger.

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