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from o-twinkle-o :
so sad. all of the interesting folks decide they're better off in their heads. i was looking forward to more of your funny stories, more robot finds .. i'll keep an eye on your drawing site, though, and hope the bug bites you to continue to write here sometime.
from tons-o-fun :
just letting you know that i am bookmarking your diary - your drawings are so cute!
from koomaster :
Your diary and pixel drawings make me happy!
from almost-sane :
I love your diary- it's one of my new favorites. Your sketches are fabulous. And I am so pleased to see I've discovered a fellow scary-go-round fan! Awesome! I have friends that read it to-- one of my friends is even inspired enough by it he's started his own online comic ( and I've started obsessing over that too. Anyhow, thanks for the online entertainment. -A.S.
from tfrunner262 :
I absolutely LOVE your drawings :) You must also be very smart to have a degree in physics! I am working on a degree in biology right now and I couldn't even imagine physics! ~Kris~
from o-twinkle-o :
i literally spent an hour wandering around in your diary, your drawings, and your links. gonna watch you now. but not through your window.
from soror :
I LOVE your drawings!
from banefulvenus :
love your site!
from sunnflower :
Clicked on your banner and find I am immediately charmed by your diary.
from x-plicity :
Congrats on the new job!!!
from misselyssa :
Wow, um, I hope people don't actually try to feed the birds in the way you suggested... nice diary, by the way.
from banefulvenus :
clicked your banner.... love your site!
from kimbaleigh :
Hey, well basically I was going to add your diary to my favourites and thought I would just let you know. Just to remind myself to come back really as Ive enjoyed what Ive read so far. Also if you were planning on clicking on this little link Ive left you for my diary, I wouldnt bother. Im just another depressed person Im afraid, plus its not even particularly well written and is pretty much dead. Thought Id save you some time there. Take care.
from blindsorrow :
god paul, your hella funny.
from self--titled :
you're awesome & i'm adding you.
from hairplay :
I really enjoy your art. You're really good. It reminds me a lot of exploding dog, the randomness of it. I like it a lot.
from peachick :
good read.
from mixedup :
I love you. That's all.
from x-plicity :
I love the robot...I will find him and marry him and have little robot children. Then behead him for being an ass... Love your diary, by the way.
from candoor :
there is something appealing to me in your ramblings... I hope to find time to find out what that something is more precisely, but for now, I smile and leave this note :)
from mornglory :
love your diary!!! -M
from cabin-boy :
Man I know what you mean about depressive diary's out there!! augh! I try not to do that myself- and I can heartily reccomend "Big Bertha's Outrageous Adventure" ( since I write it. ;) She's my dawg- how can a dawg be depressed? Not gunna happen. ;)

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