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from orgami :
i do blather on a lot (former note below) just thought I would take like half an hour and go through all my notes and stuff The year end in review sort of for Diaryland I like this meduim I like the people anyway I am not going to bore you again just to say Hello now I go..........
from dinahsoar :
Re: love vs. like ... have you ever read the poem (can't remember who wrote it, but I'll Google to find out) that goes something like ... I do not love you but I know not why, for often in my solitude I cry, that those I do love are not more like you. That concept always intrigued me.
from dinahsoar :
Interpretation of Christian Ethics by Reinhold Niebuhr? Heavy! Did you ever hear of Dr. Gene Scott? He did a thesis at Stanford on Reinhold Niebuhr. Never read him myself. Gotta order it.
from orgami :
Hey there how old are you again?? my daughter is fourteen and arriving this friday for a few days I just turned forty one not that long ago feels good at twenty four i had a house a job a credit card a truck was in love with a pretty one heading towards being a dad did real estating with my broker then girlfreind and her business was almost a year sober and now on disability with another pretty one cannot afford to pay my upcoming library dues four days left to talk to you all and then apartment moving soon though I shall pay this bill and re write anyway cant seem to stop writing you Whom ever you are Nudge Nudge Wink Wink say no more..............(monty python line)
from orgami :
Poe town sad face pouted lip quivering and the hitch in the abdomen the tears welling in the corner of those pretty eyes fail me not oh Poetown for i know thee well in spirit and in hell sometimes I feel frustrated too and want to cry and I emote to my Lori and for what she's been through I am a mere mild manner of rapids to her Niagra all that height and vertigo Dont worry little one we all have our personal hells just read in the paper about a local man taking on the local constabulary force wanting them to shoot him and put him out of his own misery Instead one distracted while the other tasered the loony one saves all that messy paperwork no doubt Oh ho listening to You know who she is Red Over White my favourite or one of my favourite for they all are my favourite coming from her vocal box her mystery voice soothing and plaintive wailing and whispering into the microphone and relayed when I need during this hour to my ears My aural self my greed ..... Hey I like the new Diary suits you I think I should try this but I am poor and soon will not even be able to write anyone maybe for months however I know the world will go on and on like it does Snowqueen curse..Ms Banshee today is history or was it yesterday North bay Ontario Canada broke its old heat wave record from Nineteen forty three today we looked at an apartment a nice large one six hundred dollars and fifty Plus hydro imagine all that money getting out of our cheque just to have this nice roof whatever left over is ours to feed and travel our asses about the town City whatever this humble little city is I have not been to the beach to listen and be amongst the tanned ones the babies done up in sunscreen and the white flesh of those hopeful of golden hues sigh its tiring sometimes waiting for something to occur where was I no poems today heat shivers while the lines quiver taut against the glass the red vine climbs higher while we suffer and twist in the shearing gaze of opauqe waves (losing my touch maybe I dont know I like it.....)
from dinahsoar :
Oh. My. God. You are awesome! Your writing is seriously rocking my world! Thank you for letting me know this dark secret of yours - your alter ego (the real you). I really like & appreciate "you know who", but this twin (who I think you think is the evil one) is illuminating parts of me I haven't ever dared own. I am resonating all over the map! I've been reading all your archives (hope I don't get fired - I'm at work). Insight after insight just smacks me in the heart! Your evocative expressions are so fresh and startling. Talking about being the only one on the bus knowing they are made of molecules just sent me somewhere completely new! And your entry about being mean involving saying "I love you" to someone sincere, knowing damn well it didn't carry equal meaning to his stabbed me in some chakra made just for that realization! I'm really intrigued by what you said in your note to me - "Lady, you know what to do". I used to always hear that Doors song saying "Think that you know what to do. Impossible, yes, but it's true. I think that you know what to do. Sure that you know what to do". I used to lie on the floor and listen to that, trying to figure out what I already knew. You said you have more to say, but are buttoning your lip. Please, unbutton away! I really want to know! Also, what you described in the latest entry, about your relationship. I know and I know you know I know. Thank you for expressing so beautifully and perfectly what I, too, feel. And please consider letting me know the "more to say".
from delirium21 :
no, i don't know about billy childish. you're right though - people don't seem to be interested in things they don't already do. i like freediving, but i've never done it. :p
from theatrbee :
Your "Hungry Eyes" banner made me wet myself... in the good way.
from idiot-milk :
Certainly abortion would be one of the procedures to which a healthcare provider might take exception on religious or moral grounds. The act, however, isn't that narrow in its scope and doesn't limit itself to specific procedures. A healthcare provider would have the right to refuse to treat anyone for anything on the grounds that the patient's lifestyle is morally offensive or in direct violation of the healthcare provider's religious beliefs. In short, it's a scary fucking piece of legislature, my friend.
from delirium21 :
there's another commercial here that's got cheap, local actors in it that i ABSOLUTELY LOVE! i don't have a clue what it's advertising - maybe cars? anyway, this photo of two deer flashes on the screen, angled left. the announcer shouts, "TWO BUCKS!" then it flashes on the screen again, to the right. "TWO BUCKS!" the announcer shouts, and then it's dead-centre, right up close, and the announcer shouts once more, "TWO BUCKS!" it cracks me up every time i see it. nobody else likes it, though, so maybe that's just me and my skewed sense of humour.
from apathyascend :
I really enjoyed reading your entries... and I rarely ever tell anyone that.

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