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from omega-hue :
its been a while. was just cleaning things up a little. hope you are well. :)
from omega-hue :
-sometimes-? whats the deal there justinjustin? catch up with me soon.
from omega-hue :
she is -not- allowed to be es-scared of me. i am not scary. 'sides, she seems nice enough. :) (hugs) for you, ill see you soon!
from wonderchai :
update with something substantial or i'm going to beat you with a wet noodle. *scary-face!*
from wonderchai : -- this cracks me up. :D
from the29th :
It would hardly be the truth to say that she talks about you all the time because there should be a word that covers MORE than all the time. Be well, Mr. Justin.
from omega-hue :
and who- may i ask would that be?
from omega-hue :
now send me a GOOD book!
from wonderchai :
you are so pretty. love, jenn.
from omega-hue :
no! :D
from omega-hue :
here you are. :) now I can get on YOUR case about writing something! (hugs)

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