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from and-the-way :
wow. sounds like quite the ordeal.
from coppersky :
I hate rides that have the awesome hype and just don't follow through. Sometimes I think if i built a ride in my back yard it'd even be better.
from weatethesea :
mr. toad's wild ride really is stupid.
from lost-facade :
So where the bloody hell are you? Start typing boy.
from weatethesea :
i painted my toenails blue once and went to the dentist with sandals on. she said that my toes were attractive, though she was being very sarcastic. what a bunch of jerks.
from weatethesea :
i bet all sorts of ladies are strangely attracted to your brother's chipped tooth now, though. am i right or am i right?
from lost-facade :
Fathers never seem to understand.
from orchidprint :
i think our childhood selves would have been best friends.
from x-paperdoll :
Awe, thanks for adding me. I really enjoy your writing.
from toiletwater :
you made me chuckle, plus i can relate to the early days pain.
from orchidprint :
your diary is great, i think.
from myx0mat0sis :
ps i miss you and i love you and goodnight
from myx0mat0sis :
chico; nyquilgirl wrote an entry and i wants you to sees it: � 07.28.04 :: small words � i feel like i'm all broken up and every time the pieces start to come together again, the wind picks up and i'm a mess. i asked, "do you ever feel lonely?" and the phone beeped in my ear. loud. and the line went dead. and i felt unbearably lonely in my room. staring at the length of my forearm and i tried to stop the burning in my eyes, because i felt stupid. this doesn't get any easier. this being so far apart. this being away from someone i care more about than any of this. sometimes i wish i had a small recorder i could keep in my pocket and record the things i'd like to say to him when i want to say them because often times, i feel like he doesn't know. he doesn't know that when i wake up in the morning i want to say hi, i love you. or when i'm at work and everyone is making me feel so small, i want to say, i need a hug. and at night, after we've hung up i am still for a second before wanting to say again, goodnight and i love you and i miss you. i wonder if he knows these things. i wonder if these things make him feel good. i wonder if i still make his heart flip.
from that-freak :
I little too late. I was out of computer class by then. Nothing is up. I feel better. =D
from that-freak :
I feel sick =( Note me, please. I'm bored.
from that-freak :
It was a GOOD DAY. Derr... I'm boring today. =/
from life-is-this :
Oh, I'm Megan, by the way. :-) I like readingyour stories about seventh grade, and other things. Anyways, you can read my diary. To get in, username:lifeisthis password:mrsandman have fun. :-D
from myx0mat0sis :
yeah... i definitely love you. i hope you don't feel guilty about that x-men thing but i bet you do. let's talk about how mean little kids are tonight, i'm sure i was way meaner than you. <3
from myx0mat0sis :
jesus christ mike. i love you so much, every word you say or write or think (oh yeah, i know) fills my heart until it's spilling. ninja turtles... transformers... toy stores... love ♥
from that-freak :
Have I ever told you that you make me smile a lot?

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