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from musikoid :
Yup. Coming offa that stuff is NOT fun.
from musikoid :
Hi I saw you because I'm a friend of Jimbostaxi. Only comment at the moment is "don't mess with benzos" is right. :)
from jimbostaxi :
Hi, thank you for such a great note! :) I added you to my list. This space is where I come to sort out all my feelings. Mostly, I love to dwell on my sadness but there comes a point where “woe is me annoys even me.” So I'm at the point right now I'm trying to get beyond the sadness and live my life. I was told you got to “fake it to you make it.” Maybe, one day I will be happy but until then I will be here chronicling my journey. :)
from jimbostaxi :
Hi, new reader I'll be back. :)
from dangerspouse :
Happy Holidays. I hope your someone out there lets you know how he feels. Life is short and beautiful, yes, but can also be less painful when shared.
from the-grey-one :
no pandora for me :( , but i use slacker radio which is an adequate substitute.
from raven72d :
I do understand about feeling like an impostor.
from raven72d :
Lovely entries.
from the-grey-one :
what is good writing if not freakdom let loose? :)
from the-grey-one :
"Letting go is found in knowing what grips us." also that line is superb
from the-grey-one :
hey just wanted to let you know i really enjoyed reading your entries. 2012-03-17 is absolutely superb
from fatcowww :
Hello dear reader ;) I have decided to lock my diary again, probably indefinitely, as of the next entry. I hope you would still want to read - if so, please let me know where to send your details for login (via email would be best). Note me or [dandelions]at [operamail]dotcom. xxx
from fatcowww :
I'm flattered... but truly, your writing is in a different class to mine. Yours is lyrical, mine plods along. I do what I can with mine - the important thing for me is to keep writing (I fall into slackdom far too easily). Feel free to ask for clarification on who's who. The "cast" could probably do with some epxansion. Cheers :)
from fatcowww :
Hello and thanks for your note :) The first entry of yours I read was 111210_94.html and it was reminiscent of another diary I used to read (about nine years ago, I think!). I loved the flow of words and the dreamlike quality. I went to the previous entry from that and the words "I feel the need to edit this entry that no one else will ever see to make it poetic" struck me. I am a great fan of excellent writing and the thought of you tapping away at your computer yet not expecting to have an audience was a little shocking. Perhaps I should have said a few words when I added you ^_^ I *did* relate to something in that entry, too - your relationship with your mother. Me and mine were in a similar situation about 20 years ago, and it took some major events to get us aligned in such a way that we could be friends and I could start trusting her again... Oh, and this Mary you mention - made me think immediately of Crazy Stepmother. :s And then the entry before that... oh my! You write so so so beautifully =) seriously, you do. Nurture that - I used to write, and I had a developed style, and I wrote meaningful things, but as the years went on I seemed to lose the ability and now it's a real chore to produce anything worth sharing (I may have the ideas and I can still use the same process, but it's like giving birth to a truck). Laters... :) xxx
from kointuition :
I can so relate to your pain - you are a true word painter.
from barbye-gurl :
your words are know that?

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