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from x-plicity :
Missing you!!!
from x-plicity :
Hmm...sounds like my guy is worse. Get rid of that lame dick, I mean duck...
from pyroguysr :
Well, I don't have his money, but then again, I don't have his arrogance either. Come over HERE if you want a massage... or more!
from pyroguysr :
And I wouldn't mind a bit if I were made a member of your special club! *grins* PyroGuySr at excite com
from pyroguysr :
Oh, and... *big, comfortable bear-hugs in between my trying to finish my novel for NaNoWriMo*
from pyroguysr :
You know... I lived in San Diego for 18 years... My ex grew up there.
from pyroguysr :
You are putting yourself through WAY too much stress over a guy that doesn't seem to care about you I think it's time to rise above it all and find someone that appreciates you far more. There are some of us that think the mousy, bookish types were actually pretty hot.
from x-plicity :
Got to love a man with "priorities". Sorry you had such a lousy holiday. *hugs* X
from pyroguysr :
FUCK whom? Fuck me? Fuck him? Fuckitall? *grins* Such a useful word! Come back! Let us know what happened! Give us all closure so that we can all hug you.
from pyroguysr :
So... just WHAT happened to you???
from pyroguysr :
Well... I'm 25, for the 27th time so I know how hard it is to go through life like this. If the pics that I think are you ARE you, then you are lovely. BTW, there is a place on the net to publish your erotica... I've been "published" there under the name PYRO. I've also been published in print and run a writers workshop here in Raleigh. Wanna trade stories?
from x-plicity :
I used to know a girl like Spawn. Women like that don't last long in the real world, I'm afriad; no matter how "perfect" their daddies think they are. Maybe you should really consider if b/f is worth all of the heartache. *hugs* X
from donut-one :
Hellooo! I won't lie, I'm not 18, but almost. Although I'm not offended by things I chose to read. But anyway, I love your diary. I have no idea what you're rambling about sometimes, but it's always so entertaining ^_^. In your face writing is loads more fun than most other things. Have a great day! Hope things work out with your boyfriend. <3/Dottie
from candoor :
I wonder if he respect you at all...
from kestra :
Wow, it sounds to me like you're making a list of why this is not a good relationship, and while you may not have yourself convinced 100%, you have ME convinced that there's no hope for the relationship (but then you never asked for my opinion, did you? lol). While I agree with the statement that children are a package deal when you get involved with somebody who has children, that doesn't mean that you start leaving for weeks at a time to spend alone with your child... that's just taking the lack of consideration too far. When I say that children are a package deal, yes the child gets "consideration," but you're part of that package too. :)
from pyroguysr :
Drop the bastard. The drama won't stop just because said spawn will turn 18. Too many folks in denial here, and you're the only one with a sane head on her shoulders. Tell them all to "get over it and get a life." They all need counseling.
from d1mndn3r0ugh :
love your banners ;)

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