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from amylee1fan :
Hi Rach,Um here's my new password & username for my diary.The username is:broken & the password is: doll Okay?! Well Talk to ya later! BYE!:) - Lin
from horsebrush :
Read your diary, dammit! l0l. Took your survey too. Good Stuff!
from amylee1fan :
Hey Rach, I don't think your diary entries lately have been boring.You should see some of my entries.Most of the time I just don't have anything to you said you had another diary.Right?You said if I wanted the link just let you know.Well sure I want it!If it's okay with you.Well I'm gonna go now,but I'll talk to ya later!Alright?!!! -Lin
from amylee1fan :
Hey I locked my diary,but you can have the username and password.The username is:psycho & the password is:chic. - Lin
from out-cast :
Hey. Your welcome for taking your quiz. I liked it. :) Nice diary. ~Kath
from miame :
Hi there! The questions are posted for this weeks anamiamonday....please visit us at! Have a great week!!!! Sandy
from remsaverem :
After quite a bit of a hiatus, the Ana-Mia Monday questions and message board (which are an off-shoot of the diaryring if you didn't know about them) are up and running again. Miame is still in charge of the questions and diary ( and I've got the board up again so, if you're still interested of course, we'd love to get this going again. If you have any questions or anything, my email is Hope to see you around!
from amylee1fan :
Hey Rach,Um I just wanted to give ya the link to my guestbook.If ya want to sign it.Well here it is:( I guess I'll talk 2 ya l8er!!! -Lin
from carla-star :
do you play the guitar or something? jw, cuz a lot of your poems seem to have a musical quality to them..especially the one with raindrops on the window
from carla-star :
hehehehehehehehehe! wow! hi! duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. well, have a good day. and stuff.
from dazlife :
hey, i took your pizza survey and decided to check out your profile ('cuz those are the things I just do...) and you seem really cool! keep in touch!
from gotgaz :
I happend to stumble upon your diary and I just wanted to say I love your template
from amylee1fan :
Wow!Thanx sooo much for what ya said about my poem.It really meant alot to're probably gettin' tired of me sayin' that.Aren't ya? heh..heh...Sorry.Well I guess I'll talk to ya l8er,Bye!!! -Lin
from amylee1fan :
Ooohhh,Gettin' my eyebrow pierced is my dream.They're so cool!Plus the tattoo idea sounds cool, too.I love barbwire tattoos.Basically I'm just obssessed wit tattoos & piercings.I say get 'em!I bet you'd look really cool like 'dat!By the way I want you're opinion on my last diary entry.It was a poem,and I know what a expert ya are at writin' 'em.So...When ya get a chance pleaseeee cheeck it out,and tell me what ya think of it.It would mean sooo much to me if ya would do that.Well I gotta go..Bye!!! -Lin
from amylee1fan :
Wow that poem was really beautiful. -Lin
from amylee1fan :
Wow!Thanx for addin' me to your fave list.Heh,my diary isn't really all that interestin'.It's not that I'm a boring person or anythang.It's just I don't really know what to say.Anyways,I've written alot of poetry myself.The reason I don't post 'em in my diary is I think they're kinda corny.So anyways write back sometime.If ya want to that is.
from easytorun :
do you seriously like AC? i was such a fanatic when i was younger. im into rock now. anyways, i said i'd check out your diary, so here i am.
from amylee1fan :
Wow you're really friendly.Yeah I really do love your poetry.If ya got 'em published ya could probably make alot of money off of 'em.They're just beautiful.I love reading the type that ya write especially.Anyways,the only reason I really signed up at Diaryland was to make some new friends.'Cuz my friends abandoned me,but I love makin' friends on the internet.They seem to be nicer than my actual friends.Hey later if ya get a chance ya can either leave me a note,or if ya want to E-Mail me my E-Mail address Okay?
from amylee1fan :
you write beautiful poetry.
from antihoyhoys :
Do you ever just fall? I'm just wondering.
from thecrankyone :
Welcome to the Anakin Fans diaryring. I love the Bart Simpson layout!!
from cdghost :
enjoyed your entries..peace--thecdghost
from helpla :
just did one of your surveys and it put me in a good mood so I came to see your diary. It's so nice to see someone who doesn't send me off to either hit osmeone or go cry! Keep your attitude exactly the way it is!
from eartips :
Hi, i did yer dream survey, it was cool.
from msswan :
Hi I needed some advice. I wrote my first entry and right now only entry on my question. It basically asks some questions about dating a bisexual male. I was hoping you could answer those questions. I also hope I am not being insulting to anyone. I don't mind anyone being bisexual, gay, or lesbian or anything they want to be. Thanks
from karika : you like my took me soooo long to make it diary is cool too....i have a useless fact for you: right-handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left handed people....peace
from karika :
hey u dont know me but i found your diary and i just thought id leave you a note saying hi...feel free to look at mine since i looked at yours...hope you write back, if not...peace
from crayola123 :
i took ur survey too, when u asked how does it affect your life?it really made me think. i'm so disadvantaged due to being overweight(on the borderline of obese). so i just wanted to say thnx coz it really got me thinking.
from feelsnothing :
I took your survey but was too embarassed to tell about my ED. Then I read your answers and I thought I could tell you that I was binge/compulsive eater from 6th grade to last year (10 grade) when I began starving myself. That lasted for almost 3 months. Then I began binge eating again. Now I am trying to loose weight again (i.e. starving myself).
from etchedinpain :
hi. the picture of audrey on your diary attracted me to it so I added you. is that okay? love myssi
from iceorbit :
I like your diary, it's cool. i just read your bit on love, i don't beleave in love. But i hope it works out for you (I realy do mean that!)
from aftmworld :
I know u don't know me but i thought i'd drop you a line anyway...keep have an awesome spirit and i'm sorry that sk8ter girl hurt you..its a shame.
from oohsocold :
taking one of your many surveys and liked it. read your journal and liked it. now do me a mines ok? it's not so bad. you'll survive;)
from rainbow-dyke :
hehe.. okies.. sorry... take care you.. keep writing beautifully..
from avalonia :
Welcome to the Pills diaryring :)
from jujub27 :
from hotstuff4sho :
Hi.I think ur diary is cool.I took ur survey also.Just wanted to let you know i looked at your diary.bye
from sexymouth :
I think ur dirays cool and i took ur survey
from faint7 :
hey i took one of ur surveys and i just thought id say hi cuz i sk8 2 and ya sound cool
from lambrini :
hey, cool. gem x
from jorchris1216 :
Hey, nice diaryring! Its cool!
from j-dragon :
Wow.... I love your diaryring. I just so happen to be a lesbian and I didn't think anyone else in this place had a clue about it. I guess I underestimate sometimes but I'm just used to people walking up to me screaming that I'm going to hell. Anyway you can E-mail me at and thanks for giving me something to belong to....... <3 Jess <3
from humbee360 :
I just did your survey... You sound like a really neat girl... I like poems and you've got great talent... I'm probably a lot older than you but like my 15 year old daughter says."Mom your still a cool Mom and your younger than most of my friend's Moms...) I'd still like to be friends... If you need someone to talk to just let me know... God Bless :>) Humbee360 is my yahoo messenger ID and e-mail addy too...
from sissym :
hey i jusst did a few of your surveys and i also agree the matrix reloded is da shit i have not read your diary yet but i am finda to when i am done writin in mine. send me a not back and we can chat
from heavenlyging :
Hi there! Thanks for the note. It's actually jenne1017s idea for random guestbook signings, but I've taken it on as well as others in diaryland. Which is great!!! I'll have to check out your diary soon!
from pelonsgal888 :
hey.. how old are you?
from jenne1017 :
solo sex rocks! Happy Random Guestbook Signing Week!
from qt-strawbrry :
yo...we have the same fav movies, but very diff music. Great movies tho!!! I took your dream quiz and my celeb guy dream was keanu reeves! he's so sexy!!!
from hesh :
You say you skate so what's your best trick. Write me back
from screwyfuk :
y th hell not? u sound kl, wow i jus saw th matrix on friday, im in england, its so bloody good! saw th 1st 1 12 tyms! CAnt wait 4 th nxt, wer bouts r u? how old? Avrils reali gd,b ut im not sure bout arron carter??!?!?!
from wooosh :
you got a wkd profile! i love aroon carter to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 some one else yay!! lol ur surveys r kl adn the matrix reloaded is tehbest movie in teh world - keanu ass is so nice bitch trinity! havent red ur diary but im going 2! link 2 mine... p.s iw anna fly.
from gumphood :
Hi. I took your survey and I really like the entries you have made. I like the ones about flying. I like that image alot and I think you used it well.
from chadmuska :
hey, thanks for joining my skaters ring!
from keeds :
hi write back
from skatyr-gyrl :
message to self - this diaryland stuff is way cool!

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