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from bindyree :
Happy New Year! I hope 2008 will be a good year for us all. :-)
from bindyree :
nice to see a new post from you! happy easter or its equivalent. :-D
from atoutlemonde :
I like your diary because I don't understand it.
from bindyree :
Welcome back to Finland! I was going to say 'Welcome home', but we have a saying here in the USA that goes 'Home is where the heart is'. Hard to believe you can have culture shock when you get back to the most familiar place in the world, but it happens. Glad you made it back safely. Next time you feel like travelling, take San Francisco under consideration, ok? :-)
from bindyree :
I'm glad your innards are normalizing. Which I guess is a strange thing to be glad about regarding a stranger, but hey, you took us all to India with you. So I'm glad. :-)
from bindyree :
Alas, your sojourn is nearing its end. I'll miss your English posts terribly. Thank you for making English entries during your trip; it has truly been a joy to read your beautiful writing.
from bindyree :
Wow, even *I* understood what you said about Crazy Frog! And I agree a million percent.
from bindyree :
Happy New Year! I'm glad you're on my Buddy List. ♥
from bindyree :
I just wanted to say that I understand almost none of your diary, but it's so beautiful I can't resist looking at it! I hope that doesn't sound too weird. Have a lovely day!
from narcomanic :
hiyaa! piretetell�iset syntym�p�iv�onnittelut (p�iv�n my�h�ss�, anteeksi) kakopetrille. kyll� nuo lapset kasvaa �kki�.
from narcomanic :
hehei. kakopetri, perkele. mit�s ihmett� sin� t��ll�? tuoko nimi kinkku mit��n mieleen?
from sohvakettu :
t�� on hei tosi hyv�.

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