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from warpednormal :
Thank you for the note- I really appreciate it :) I work as an outreach nurse so the risk feels constant- so many of my clients are feeling ill and could be a number of things! Agh. I hope if I do get it that it'll be short lived so thanks :)
from peace4allboy :
Thanks for the kind words my friend! Wishing you a joyous weekend! Take care!
from howlingwind :
Well I'm glad you like my ramblings. Sometimes I read things I wrote and think I sound hate-able. You have three kids and work as a nurse? You must be pretty busy. Being a mom to one kid looks challenging to me. Kudos to you. :-)
from howlingwind :
My diary is not the most compelling but if you want access...hmm...I don't like to post my email in these open forums. Leave your email address in my notes? I'm not sure if you'd be comfortable doing that. The notes don't let you delete things later on I don't think - so maybe you don't want that info out there. Dilemma. In any case, have a happy Wednesday. :-)
from violet311 :
I am so sorry sweetie! I know how you feel, it is still hard for me to see my god daughter. Sending much love your way.
from shegoeson :
Thanks for the note. You really cheered me up.
from anamama :
<giggle> Yah...I had 3 still awake not too long ago myself....and it was AFTER 10:30 pm lol! They JUST went down for the night. Thank goodness! How old is yours? My email is [email protected] you can put "FROM D*LAND" on your reply so I don't erase it as spam I would appreciate it. :-D
from violet311 :
OMG I cant believe he called you that.... that is nuts...
from violet311 :
Hey I dont have your email send it to [email protected] and welcome back sweetie!
from lizzymay :
Wondering if you ever got back to your diary. Miss you.
from kalynbayn :
Congradsulations on your baby! I found you by checking out others living in Seabrook. I've just moved fromt here to Humble and happen to know of a job you might be interested in. Fred's Grill on Nasa Rd 1 and Repsdorph might be hiring. I was a waitress there before falling ill in October and can say it's a great place to work. Basically the same customers everyday who always have a smile. And the owners, Fred and Gidget, are some of the most interesting people you will meet. Hope all goes well with you and your little one.
from lizzymay :
Hey girl, what a great surprise hearing from you. Thanks for the message in my notebook. If you've got time, check out I bet you can click on a link to find a great layout thats just you. Wow! You're MARRIED. You're baby is almost a year old..and you're having a birthday. LIFE sounds so great for you. Thanks so much for the message. Peace
from siff :
Congratulations on your beautiful little baby-girl. How wonderful news you bring. I have been waiting for this update of yours. Is is so special to read your feelings of becoming a mother, how you cannot imagine ever having lived a life without her, how you get all emotional, how you can spend hours just watching her. I am so very happy for you and send you the best and warmest of wishes for you and your little family. (p.s. your daughter and I share the same birthday, only with about 28 of years of difference, isn't that funny!) Take care of your princess and of yourself. May your life together be of beauty and sunshine. Love.
from iona :
I hope the next thing I read in your diary is wonderful news. You are in my thoughts and prayers that you and your loved ones are okay. Many Blessings!
from escape53 :
what are we going to do with you... just kidding.. You are supposed to be relaxing and Moms are supposed to be nurturing you right you'll be nurturing whats inside you. And to think Justen feeds her cats. Now you can't find many guys who'd do that. Really. So down build too many iron walls around you..they can really tire your emotions and physical being too. Think HAPPY THOUGHTS. You want Cirrus to be happy when she gets here.
from lizzymay :
Hi, with your layout pics down..I can never get to your g-book.. So I thought, Okay..I'll try this. Woo...less than a month til Cirrus gets here? You must be so excited and depressed too. I hope you have a wonderful birth. Thinking happy thoughts of you.

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