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from todream :
sorry you had to leave...that whole privacy thing is such a bitch on the internet.
from todream :
sorry you had to leave...that whole privacy thing is such a bitch on the internet.
from shiloh26 :
Um, aye. Like I said I checked and rechecked the font tags, and today I wiped the template off for a few minutes and then re-entered it, double checking the code and tags. I dunno why it's doing what it's doing on the archives pages. *shrugs*
from hexa-chan :
naw I'm here through June cuz I have NCTJ exams. Besides, that what my mum got told and thats what everyone else thinks. Maybe you're out early because you're graduating? Surely if you got a letter we would too?
from whiterose88 :
I just saw your banner that said "Dont Click here"...and well damn it I just had to click it...and here i am. Nice diary.
from shiloh26 :
I'm so sorry about your grandmother. *hugs* Yeah, it's hard being where you can't be with them.
from shiloh26 :
*smiles and hugs* Eh no problem! What are friends for? *winks* Btw, I too have a Quickie.
from mydarkmind :
Love your diary :) I'm adding you to my faves
from p-o-y :
Welcome to Pieces Of You!
from redshoegirl :
Hello dude, I found you from Alice. I am wildly excited to find a British diarist who mentions things like Superdrug! Hurray! Hope you're having a good day, feel free to visit me anytime. Love Meg xx
from cassiopeia- :
Maybe you could write the letter to her and give a copy to her boss as well. That way they may reconsider if she tries to come back.
from shiloh26 :
Ok, sweety, update on Yahoo!--it will not workdue to some sort of firewall dealing with Windows XP. So we'll just have ta be email pals. And thanks on P-O-Y. It's basically a free forum with topics every week that are intended to make you think and express yourself uniquely. I love it.
from shiloh26 :
Ok, I redownloaded Yahoo!, but am having the same troubles. So until I can get help I guess there's email or these notes...
from cassiopeia- :
Happy Valentine's Day! kisses, cassie
from hexa-chan :
Hey babes! Need your help! I meant to ask you a favour before you left for home! I gotta write a piece comparing Comedy Club in Ember to LRV. Could ya tell me your opnions babe? You might just get into GK! lol! ~Sarah
from shiloh26 :
You're welcome and no problema! =0}
from shiloh26 :
It makes perfect sense and I *do* have it set so anyone can contact me. *That's* the irritating part. I think this week I'll uninstall it and redownload it. If you could send another invite to add you to me then hopefully that might work.
from viks :
sure its viks and abc hope you have a good weekend, love vislk x
from shiloh26 :
Well, sweety... =os I downloaded Yahoo!, but fer some gosh darn reason it won't let me add people to my list. I'll figure it out somehow, but till then we may be stuck playing email and note tag.
from viks :
Hiya, Sorry i haven't signed or read your diary for ages. I love the new layout. I gave up reading most diaries, and started to concentrate on setting up but apart from that i haven't been up to much. I might read your diary a little way back and catch up with your news, which is bound to be more thrilling than mine. Take care xxxx
from shiloh26 :
I just added you to my MSN, ok?
from hexa-chan :
Go You Big Red Fire Engine!
from cassiopeia- :
from rosytears :
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Sorry it's a little late, haha. Wonderful diary you have anyway. And just wanted to tell you that people with CP arent freaks or anything. And you're pretty much up there with your writing for the most of them. You're on my favourites.
from cielamara :
Em, Your entry about your suicide attempt was very moving for me. I recently lost a friend...and my decision to be as compassionate and kind as I possible can be (Which, I'm told, are attributes of mine as it is) was reinforced by your words. Bright blessings to you. ~*Cielamara
from cassiopeia- :
Cute hair! Why do we have to bother with hair anyway??? I love the happy face in the poster. kisses, cassie (yes, I often sit on my mom's lap and "read" with her!)
from cassiopeia- :
Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat! BOO! kisses, cassie
from hexa-chan :
Bikini wax
from hexa-chan :
She and Laura abandoned me in the middle of a parade of 10,000 people. That would be why. In what way was she smug? We're totally out tonight! ~Sarah
from hexa-chan :
Thank you Em. We'll go to the club next week, promise! ~Sarah
from goodehouse :
Grr to guest books! Well done on the inch loss - that's happened to me and I can't work out how you can loose inches but not weight, but appearntly it's quite common! Anyway I don't really care if I can fit into a size 12 again - which I can just from certain shops ;) Stoke sounds great - I should swap it for Surrey. sorry it's been ages since I've been in touch but September is a silly month for me! Take care! Sheila xxx
from cassiopeia- :
Have a great time! Love, Cassie
from viks :
hugs xxx
from a-rainbow :
Sorry your guestbook hates me... anyhow! Hey you... im not randomly signing... but I think its a fab idea! I still read you even if I dont sign okay? Stay safe, hope you grab yu on yahoo sometime xxx
from say-good-bi :
hi there.thanks for signing my gb.I hope you didnt sign just because it was random signing week...keep comming back.Im into doing surveys lately but please dont let my weirdness scare you!come back anytime!
from some-trouble :
ummm, your new guestbook looks nice, but there isnt anywhere to sign your name, you can only see the messages people have already left you. sorry to be the one to break the news, Jo XXX
from frenchfrye :
Hi star thank you for visit my diary. Take care.
from viks :
Huggles xxx
from viks :
I hope you have the best easter possible and have a peaceful chocolate filled day. Love and hugs Viks xxx
from veggiepunk :
hi, girl i'm new at diaryland and i've checked your diary and it is really cool, you love the same singers as i do,rock on girl!
from comment-anon :
Hi :) -Boo
from onelonegirl :
hi emma big hugs to you i am not fine not really be i will be just not there yet hugz care
from a-rainbow :
is it me or do you have no guestbook? i hope you dont have a bladder infection, they suck. being upgraded to first class rules... nice biscuits xxx
from mattieluna :
I use Internet Explorer but on a Mac, which might be the reason your page looks screwed up when I see it. The computer I'm checking from now, though, is a PC and your layout looks GREAT!
from hilseymour :
Hey Em, I recognise Nitu -seen her around.
from viks :
hiya emma, about the review site, i have lost your email addy and don't want to post the password for the site here but if you email me (links on my diary) i will send it to you. I don't think theres much to say really as its quite straight forwards. Please pick a name off the pending list (or out of the guestbook), follow the layout allready done, feel free to write as much as you would like, and award an angel, i v.rarely give out 5's and would like them to be kept for very special diaries. Once you have revied it, please put it up on teh site, remove the name from the pending list and email them the angel that relates to their score and ask them not to link from the site. Sorry if this is confusing and i am not explaining well! Also feel free to do as many or as few reviewss as you like Love and hugs Vikki
from viks :
hiya, i was going to email you about the review site as i thought you might be intrested but thought if i did you might feel under pressure or something. Anyway the site is i will give you more details a bit later love and hugs vikki
from summer-gale :
Happy Birthday and Happy holidays if I don't catch you while you're home. grats on passing another term!
from onelonegirl :
i like reading your diary i WISH i had an esayer way to get to it have to go my tag bord to get it b/c your diary is locked later days
from no-answers :
Ugh, that's the type of attitude which puts you off of boards for life :P I'm sorry that you had to put up with all that.
from hilseymour :
Hmmm I still can't read your entries...they went ok for a few days and now I can't see them again. I can see on the html where they should be, and that's also how I'm reading your entries these days. Something is amiss. Oh well, I'll cope!
from gbg :
::happily adds you to the collected list, up at the top with the other "Yes, I actually KNOW these people" people":: :-�
from afaintheart :
Thanks for leaving a note on my diary :D I actually got my username from a story by Dostoevsky. You should read it. Good stuff.
from justblessed :
Hey , My name's Cathleen. You left me a note (thanks)! I'm glad you enjoyed my journal. I read a few of your entrie too you seem great:) *Cathleen~ (aka justblessed)
from cuddleslut3 :
hey, thanks so much for your nice note.. Youre the first person who has written me a note! Anyways I read some of your diary and I really enjoyed it. Plus I love your layout! Did you design it yourself? I am very impressed. anyways feel free to chat with me anytime on aol instant messenger. I love talking to new people. Have an awesome weekend. -jenn
from diaryscore :
Emma (aka Star-heart): Hi..this is Michelle. I did your review for Diaryscore. I would just like to say your welcome for your review. I took some time into reading your diary before I calculated your final score. How was my quoting completely wrong? I quoted exactly what you wrote..and in my mind you sounded like a cave man. I am 17 years old..and I can guarantee you that my writing is a little more mature than yours. I resent the fact that you call my reviewing not of high quality. I guess I can't change the way you feel. Please feel free to request for a re-review. Michelle
from myhappiness2 :
glad the interview went well..sounds like you're having a fast summer.
from pisceschrist :
wishing you all happiness, paper fishes, glitter hearts. be well. take care.

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