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from frothqueen :
Not you, I promise. So "don't worry about it..." :)
from cassiejo84 :
Thanks, but I don't feel that I have much at all. I'm trying..but it seems as though it escapes me every time.
from armybratt83 :
that's a nice quote except i'm still striving for someone i can't live without and i feel only a heartbreak. and as my roommate says, 'sometimes the person you can't without can live without you' and that's a sad sad thought for a sensitive heart.
from cassiejo84 :
Thanks for the note. It's a lot nicer than the other one I recieved:) I've been reading some of your entries...who are you exactly?
from rob41383 :
Toaster strudel's are better.
from positronman :
Well I wouldn't mind learning to understand you :)
from positronman :
On the plus side, there'll be NO shortage of men trying to date you. Most of them will be complete jerks, but when they outnumber you 20 to 1, you get pretty much whoever you want.
from positronman :
The military in general is fairly sexist. I'd recommend talking to women (not recruiters) who are currently IN the Navy (or others), and get their opinion on what it's like. Don't jump in blindfolded, you might not like it.
from cloud9girl :
Hey girlie. Just stoppin' by, saying hi. (ooh, that rhymed.) Hasta pasta!
from narrissat :
im from p ville
from ghanima :
Your profile isn't turned on, dear, nor is your email working...but...this is what I tried to email you: I have not heard from you before so I don't know if you were spamming my notes looking for a layout designer or whether you read me and like my designs. Most of the good designers I know have quit--designing for free is a lot of work. It is possible that you and I could talk and come up with a layout for you--I have agreed to do a few for friends lately, but if you have some ideas we could chat. I am very good with images but my layouts themselves are simple--the writing and the main image should take focus. So if you are looking for a lot of flibberty-gibbet html stuff, I am the wrong person. But if you like what I have done on my diaries I could probably see my way through to helping you out.
from zolzman1883 :
I want the same kind of girl, trust me.
from sad-doll :
<3 <3 <3
from sad-doll :
stay strong love.
from positronman :
much appreciated, thank you ;)
from positronman :
You're the only person who's listed me as a favorite without leaving a description. My OCD can't handle the discrepancy :\
from perceptionss :
I think you would make a good teacher also. Only a teacher knows that there is so much to learn. Hang in there:) Eric/Booby
from glitzi :
ataris. takeoffsandlandings. xox.
from imi :
if i catch you smoking a cig, i'll put it out on your tongue, then kick your ass.
from babydoli17 :
haha! in your squares! sounds like something i would do...
from babydoli17 :
rachy!! i miss you....
from pobear :
SNOW!!! i had to share with someone my love for the snow! i cant believe its snowing!!
from babydoli17 :
what about andrea? no room for the ghetto sista? :(
from imi :
amen sista friend!
from cloud9girl :
Actually, cream cheese and sweet pickles on Ritz crackers is undeniably delicious.
from imi :
do you like pickels with cheese?
from cloud9girl :
Is it HOT in here? Woo-ahh, just a little toasty! :o)

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