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from tuluum :
you just summed up all the reasons why i'm freelance and why i'd rather kill myself working these hours at times than return to that suffocation!
from tuluum :
i want a half birthday! :) never heard of that before :)
from maskedmofo :
I had the opportunity to see Bubba Ho-Tep at the Angelica a couple of months back. I have to agree with your assessment. I loved every moment of it. After a minute of 'Heh, that's Bruce Campbell,' I was immersed. It was a masterful molding of film, an absurd walking dream. I laughed, I cried, I reused a tired metaphor.--Cheers
from bamboobreeze :
Thanks for the hi. BTW, I was reading your entry about the girl. I think she was making the "sweaty" comment to mean that that may have also been the reason you didn't recognize her. You know, because she doesn't always look like that. In other words, she was probably trying to make conversation.
from antisthenes :
Us studly single men (the b-word shall not be mentioned in this household) have to stick together, right? Well not like THAT, but you get the picture..
from thinktank3 :
Steve, huge love to you from a fellow screenwriter who also loves fightclub and good literature! Josie and the pussycats...I da know. I haven't seen it but may force myself to rent it because I agree with all of your other recomendations. grace
from seether-gurl :
Thanks for the compliment on my layout. I'm glad to know someone likes it besides myself and my friend. :)
from seether-gurl :
I really liked your entry on the most beautful girl. It made me think a lot. You're a really good writer. I never get bored reading what you have to say. Two Guys and A Girl is under-rated. I can't watch the reruns though because I don't have cable. P.S. Batman rocks!
from amalthea23 :
wow, i figured that out at the very same time... how odd, do you think everyone did?
from amalthea23 :
so i thought, it was just funny cause i read that list going, check, check, check, heeeey.... good feelings abound and i support the project!
from kit-katcaity :
Hi. I don't usually open the banners but for some reason, your caught my eye...anywho, I'm glad i read it. i was having a bad day and that entry was great entertainment. yeah! Just thought i'd say thanks for being one of the few extremely odd people in this world who don't mind showing it. Keep it up! -Caity
from kalanianaole :
I'm wight hewr, Sonny!
from kwccbeachbum :
Are u still on? its 3.45am..write back if u are
from kwccbeachbum :
hi..i cant sleep..have sore throat...was on and came upon ur diary. You sound very interesting and intelligent with a hint of punk..i like if ya wanna write ..feel free..the name is Sarah..from florida..orlando to be exact..i love Dante for a good read..311, incubus ..ect a must ....emo anyone? haha well 3 am should sleep ..ttyl ? Goodnight
from shutupmom :

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