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from jellehbelleh :
I found your diary and it spoke words to me. My husband is poly...and I'm trying to understand and be supportive and reading your diary from a female point of view makes things a little easier to digest. Hope things are well on your end!
from thayer-p :
from pwm :
OMG! I took one of your surveys and found out that you are from washington! i am currently in federal way/ edgewood. Iv been searching for people from here. ta ya some other time. Later dayz
from jellehbelleh :
I stumbled into your diary and am glad I did. Your dynamic with your husband is very much like mine. It's nice to see that there are some men who like their women to have their cake and eat it too :)
from merripan :
Hey - haven't been here in a while, but I wanted to say hello. And that I understand where you're coming from. I have had a bad physical self-image for a while... BUT - the good news is, I'm apparently wrong. <G> Ever since I became "available", guys have been coming out of the woodwork and letting me know in no uncertain terms that I'm wonderfully sexy, delightfully curvy, and altogether a hot package. Perhaps your hubby knows something you have yet to acknowledge? That you're wonderful no matter what, and what matters most is how you perceive yourself. :-) Cheers!
from insignif-me :
and to prove how flaky I am, I just realized after posting my last note to you that that quote you were refering to was your own! HaHa.
from insignif-me :
Thanx for stopping by! .... And as for your comment on the quotes beside my favs in the profile, they are just little snippits that caught my eye from that particular diary.
from chanter :
r.i.p. nuthin! i'm alive, baybee! well, sorta. it just takes me six months in between updates. which i guess makes me semi-alive. or undead, maybe. grraaarrbrainsrrrr. i wanna know how you're doing -- drop me a line when you have a sec at chanter202-at-hotmail-dot-com.
from mightymaeve :
Looking forward to hearing about your writing journey!!! I know you have some of your erotic stories posted on the web. Alas! I canna find the address! I really like your writings. Would you mind if I knew the address to read more?
from mightymaeve :
RE: August 11th entry...You just vocalized how i feel about sex often! Damn that weird libido! I feel like i'm never wanting it when he does and wanting it when he's not around. Ack! Work WITH me, hormones!
from trial- :
nonono, i just thought it was funny so i left a note. But your diary does rule im sorry for the mis understanding :)
from trial- :
i love sex. i worship cock. i love my cunt. i want to lick a woman's hip as i lay my head on her tummy. i've recently fallen in love with my husband all over again. rofl
from dream2003 :
Wow. I didn't realize the big picture about being a lesbian. I thought I was going gay and I felt dirty and ashamed of myself because it's against my religion (and I'm highly religious.) But then when I read you're diary I didn't feel dirty anymore and i realized I didn't love the same sex. You're diary really opened up my eyes. I wish everyone could see this
from simply-red :
I don't read you just for the sex content. I also read those entries about the hard times, your family, work, eating habits, exercise, your husband, everything. Just not too much lately, because you haven't been updating this DiaryLand diary as much. I don't think I ever had the link to your more personal diary, and that is okay, if you want to keep it private. Advice on improvements - well. I'd suggest writing about more daily stuff here. Or make audio entries on a different page (do you Yahoo?) and put up a link. I find sometimes I flow better when I speak - but I need to put up some of my better audio entries, too. The stuff there now is not the greatest. Anyway... just write what you feel. Sorry, that's all I can think of.
from simply-red :
Great entry. Ahhh. I'm sitting here contemplating jumping my man right now. However.... well, the sad thing is that I don't really feel all that sexy. Ever since he made the "happy meal" comment (a few entries ago in my diary) I've been feeling rather un-sexy. Okay, sorry for the slightly depressing note. Thanks again for writing a very sexy entry. It made me smile. ;-)
from sprhrgrl :
(smile) The last layout was Bound themed. . . The banner's grainy because otherwise it would've been even larger than it is now, which would be, to say, hugeomongus. Thanks for the luck wishes toward Evergreen - residency forms are driving me insane.
from tornlace :
Hello and thank you SOOOOOOOO much :)
from gwenllian :
Welcome to the wonderful world of daycare. Sadly, all of what you describe sounds oddly familiar...
from gwenllian :
Oh yes. And not only that -- there's different types of moraines: lateral moraines, ablation moraines, ground moraines, medial moraines, terminal moraines. I had to be tested on this stuff, remember? I had to learn more about glaciers than I was interested in knowing. Oh, and I have a trick for remembering how to spell onomatopoeia: I think of the adjective form, onomatopoetic. If I think of the "poetic" part, I remember to change it to "poeia." And the first part? I think of on - o - mato (end of tomato).
from gwenllian :
Despite the fact that it makes me look pompous, I have to say I know what a moraine is. I took Physical Geography as a lab science in college. I also knew the definition of onomatopoeia, and I can say it too, but since I'm an English teacher, I had better. I also loved The Scarlet Letter for the same reasons -- symbolism and allusion are my favorite literary devices.
from gwenllian :
You know, despite the fact that you're an atheist and I'm a Christian, we have a remarkably similar concept of the afterlife. Except for the sleeping part. I think we stay awake and live out our dream life. Sort of.
from gwenllian :
Aw.... you're so sweet. Think twice about being a teacher's aide. You have a college degree, for crying out loud. Teacher's aides around here make HALF what I did, which isn't much. And thanks for being sympathetic about my situation with my former aide. I STILL don't know what I did to piss her off! She still isn't speaking to me. God know's I didn't sleep with her redneck, dumbass husband, so who knows?
from sexfiendgirl :
for some reason I can't get into your guestbook so I'm just leaving a note here. Your diary is great! I read it from the beginning.
from sirheimer :
Tawny? Eh? Do tell!

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