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from opposure :
Hello, I notice that your diary is locked. If it is allowed, could I have a password? I hope all is going well, regardless. s
from onmyquest :
Wow...just wow! Love the way you write. Wish I had enough self control to become anorexic. I can't even do that right.
from alberticus :
you are amazing.
from redd :
carly, i wanted to tell you that im moving and i took down that hand/finger painting that you did, but its been up for howeverhowlong (if you remember)
from pinktroll01 :
i wish i was anorexic
from unwittingly :
I just wanted to say that I adore your honesty.
from bikinikiller :
hey... started the petepete, killer. i like your diary. check me out at laurenfaith.
from pool--shark :
I like that you list Isaac, instead of just saying MM. Is your diaryring for anorexia to comfort or to encourage? Take care. - J
from heart-song :
I love Pink Floyd too!!! They rock!
from hadassah :
Hi there, I like how you write. Write me sometime k? [email protected]
from hadassah :
hey I like you too. How old r u? I've really updated my diary actuallty did a rehaul. Take care k?
from anaz-gurl :
ive just read ur diary. i like it.
from anaz-gurl :
Ive listed you as a favourite diary. Hope that's o.k. Luv Anaz Gurl xx
from shattardskys :
Carly oh Carly. Love from the Lopez
from junior89 :
hey I joined your "anorexic" ring. Is it okay if I don't post the code? I wanted to join to meet others that understand me/it but some friends read my diary and I don't want them to know about my ed. let me know? xoxo
from be-u-tea :
u make me miss me writing well
from rumblelizard :
Hey, thanks! Hope to see you again soon.
from just-fine :
Just wanted to say this recent entry is beautiful, you are a great writer. Though i can't read anymore because you don't have an older page or previous or next links. :( ??? WEll anyway, takecare xoxo
from closet :
i remember reading your diary a million years ago. unless it was someone else with the same name but unless she's a lot like you, i don't think that's the case. anyway. i used to be flaming. i've grown down.
from munky9158 :
nah, im over here in the UK! where abouts are you? i get weighed at the hospital in kilograms, so i just go by that, and pounds, but they depress me. youre beautiful. sorry if that comes out wrong, but those photos are beautiful. do you have anymore? sorry, but they are so inspiring. hope to hear from you soon x x x
from c8lyn :
i was thinking of joining ur diary ring. i would like to talk. i need help about my anorexia.. please leave me a note replying
from floaty-ana :
i just joined your ring and as a long term friend of ana i'd just like to say how much comfort i find in the fact that there is others out there like me. feel free to contact me
from beckiepink :
hey I just joined your diaryring. hope we can get 2 know each other, maybe u can help me
from plasty :
Hey dude...5:28am is an exciting time..I love you Car.
from kjj :
i was reading your diary, and then you locked it or something. it's okay though, i find beauty in fleeting moments.
from jacks21 :
hey i might belong here, lemme know, thanx
from plasty :
About that...I've listed you..It goes back to the question..Should I pursue a writing ability? But you busy mom...You never have time for us/me. It's time for you to list me... Read my fucking Diary..please
from xillusionx :
your beautiful, with star power, and a brilliant mind. i love you forever. we all do
from xnoregretsx :
I dont know who you are, but you had me under your favorite diaries, so I wandered in here. I thoroughly enjoy your diary ramblings, and just thought I'd let you know, for no real reason really.
from plasty :
Carly...I was thinking about you and attending the Community College and your writing skills and it inspired me to take into consideration; writing. I just wanted you to look over my things and tell me if I'm headed in the right direction...-Love,Shane
from anamarie :
Hello- I see u run this ring. I need some people to talk to and relate to. U know? This sucks being me, I am not going to lie. I have repressed my feelings for so long and I can't stand LOOKING IN THE MIRROR. Check me out!
from girlgenie :
to carly robin: i've got a big heartshaped sticker with the equation of the universe to give you. - <3<3 bee
from juniordame :
ur disgusting - ur anorexic thats just so SAD i think!!!!!! y do u need to starve? to get boys!?!?!? ew boys wont lyk anorexic ppl!!! theyre ugly!!!!!
from iheartwomyn :
hi, who are you? you left a note on my diary...a while ago
from daisyfaerie :
how is it that you belong to the feminist diaryring and yet you run the anorexic diaryring? don't you understand that the pressure to be thin and damage your health is one of the main ways that women are oppressed? not just oppressed, but hurt. often killed. please, think about the effects that encouraging anorexia can have on people.
from girlgenie :
i might disintegrate into the thin air if you�d like.
from slowed-air :
How I feel, I don't even feel.
from xillusionx :
i am drawn in like a fish, throw me back. NO DON'T! keep me
from flaming :
i think you're awesome. xo

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