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from parlance :
from killmywords :
look P, the point of notes are not to talk about yourself. like, i shouldn't say, "hey, i'm allie, i'm awesome amazing. i am also single and fabulous is several ways, et" okay?? god. i love you so much. byeeeeeeee<3
from gotgaz :
this sounds odd, but was the "dunna dunna dunna DUNNA journal" banner you have, have anything to do with the old batman theme?
from jimmythefish :
all the times she posted pictures of us doing stuff, we needed to fold t-shirts but she didn't want the stuff we had made when we were folding the things but they were t-shirts and we didnt know
from jimmythefish :
ther vermonster pics make certain people look less attractive...and that sucks.
from soandsotgs :
hey i found this link and thought it was funny.... since you are a member of the homestar diaryring i thought you mmight enjoy it too tell me what you think
from spit-tears :
Let me just tell you, You have made me the happiest girl in the world. "I like sluts, sluts rock, it just has to be the right slut you know."
from jimmythefish :
dude, i so got there virtually on time. dont even SPEAK dude. hehe. talk to you later.
from apparatus :
i really like that passage. not just because it has a french word in it, either. i love when people replace punctuation with its name period
from nightro :
hey dude welcome to the dude dude-ring. yeah im clever i made that upmyself ha! you like reel big fish? i got a diary ring for that too. damn im good! rock on man.
from buenacabra :
OMG you like Less than Jake and Soul Coughing. Holy crap I thought I was the only one. I've been in love w/ the whole LTJ thing since I was 12 and here I am 20 and recently just nearly had a heart attack from meeting Roger... yea. That's nice to hear someone else is fanatic too
from cursedfemale :
you are so fucking cool. like, seriously. you amuse me in such a huge way.. you rock..
from heidiann :
Hi there, welcome to the Bibliomaniac diaryring. Thanks for joining!
from jessie02 :
you = cool Good Luck in your band!
from cursedfemale :
Thanks for the kind guestbook love and whatnot. Also, pudding and pictures of the said pudding and the brother who made it are highly amusing. And stuff. WHOO!! Hehehe.. yeah. Later.
from cursedfemale :
Oh yeah. Sharpies rule! Rock on! Heheh..
from cursedfemale :
You rule. A lot. And also, yes. 40 Oz. To Freedom *is* a better album. I just happened to be listening to the self titled album at the time. So yeah. That's that. Also, hmm.. I forgot what I was going to say. Nevermind. I'll be back, though. WHOO! Heh.
from escapes :
i can do this too see wow
from sukeboking :
love the reel big fish, just love them... have faith! new CD comes out (kinda) soon!

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