hi. i live in oberlin ohio about 8 months out of a year. i like wearing sweaters. i very often forget things and then i can only remember them when i look here. i like things to be symmetrical. i will shamelessly eat all the reds out of your candy when you're not looking. this is my life.

My favorite diaries:

xsnowmanx profile - diary
comments: andy.
escapes profile - diary
comments: this ones a little more secret..
perceptions profile - diary
comments: im sure this is on everyones
jimmythefish profile - diary
comments: andyandyandy F. the ace of bass.
apatheticq profile - diary
comments: tells it like it is
i-girl profile - diary
comments: shes right.
nxd-dude profile - diary
cmbmsh profile - diary
hollywoodusc profile - diary
comments: !
mollyx profile - diary
comments: brilliant brilliant writer
cursedfemale profile - diary
comments: zing! totally.
schoonie profile - diary
comments: i like it. kind of reminds me of the form of a guy who's in college in kentucky
grumpystar profile - diary
comments: sounds gooooood.
cyanophyta profile - diary
comments: "Am eating broccoli. Lots of broccoli. Why, you ask? Because there were giant bins of it in the driveway when I got home tonight. And I'm impressionable that way."
heidiann profile - diary
comments: so good. amuses me lots.
apparatus profile - diary
comments: she doesnt fucking like me anymore. hhaaah. yeah, its jen.
sarahba profile - diary
comments: it me.
thias profile - diary
comments: mat. he runs reallll good. and fun to talk to.
weconfess profile - diary
comments: <3. such good writing.
werdnaibor profile - diary
comments: i don't know enough guys named andy...
worstenemy profile - diary
comments: lauren. i didn't know this existed. wooo.
andrewkenney profile - diary
comments: only number three for him...
thestump profile - diary
comments: really actually funny. hoo hah.
porktornado profile - diary
comments: he's like totally like the highschool
killmywords profile - diary
comments: ac for life.

My favorite music:

less than jake
comments: my favorite band ever.
soul coughing
comments: simply amazing. i just get lost in their music. ahhh so good.
comments: !
comments: ahh. sooo good. not a lot of people have heard them. but i suggest you check it out. so energetic and exciting.
and so many more..
comments: new found glory/suicide machines/my superhero/saves the day/ pixies/the d- plan/ chili peppers/sublime/useless id/ the clash/ boxcar children/the ataris/ limp/ mad caddies/weezer!/ mxpx/ you know...

My favorite movies:

moulin rouge
comments: just makes you want to scream and then love somebody
american beauty
high fidelity
comments: the first time i saw it- i hated it. the second time- pure genious
scary movie 2
comments: im sorry..i just cant get over this movie. its so offensive. and great..i could watch it every week and not get tired of it.
fight club
comments: i sat with my mouth hanging open the entire time. i cried at the end because it was so beautiful.

My favorite authors:

franchesca lia block
comments: go ask alice is one of the most incredible stories ever. ahh i think read it 12 times.
chuck palahnuick
comments: oh man. actually one of the best writers i have ever encountered. i want to be him. he makes me feel good about life (believe it or not)
susanna kaysen
comments: girl interrupted is reallly an awesome book
gabriel garcia m�rquez
comments: i had to add him. its just simply amazing what this guy wrote. starting when he was like 16. im sure he watched the movies memento and donnie darko before writing some of his greatest stuff..........................just kidding.

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