I've had better

I have a massive conflict with sticky tiles.... the barefoot mammal's worst fear.

My favorite diaries:

UncleBob profile - diary
comments: "It's cool now. We have a Stain Lifter. Piss wherever you want, dog. We'll suck that bitch right outta the carpet before your little doggie poon dries."
Hitler profile - diary
comments: "So I was all like "Fidel, listen...we're in love, dude! Don't go pissing on my Cheerios because that Elian deal didn't get you any ass!" Then the rat bastard pushed my warning level up to 30%!"
Poppyfish profile - diary
comments: "Come on, Bambi's mother. If you can't name him something like Ironheart or Goldenhoof, I'm sorry, but that bullet is just bound to get you between the eyes."
Notum profile - diary
comments: "So after 3 whole days of being a high school Senior, I've actually only learned one thing. Freshmen get shorter every year. By 2012, they'll be midgets, and we'll have to kill them."
the-bijou profile - diary
comments: ""Quills" is the latest Disney Christmas film and fun for the whole family. It's a true treasure that will be adored by young and old for ages to come! And I think I must add, it's the best film I've ever seen."
urine profile - diary
comments: "I need some chapstick. And, Jesus. Because, you know, everyone needs Jesus. "
mollyx profile - diary
comments: "Anyway, today was mediocre, at best. Only one person starting flipping out and crying because she didn't have the proper shit to get a library card. One! I was totally disappointed, come quitting time."
que-suerte profile - diary
mzauberman profile - diary

My favorite music:

They Might Be Giants
comments: Chuck Klosterman thinks this is weird.
comments: A lot of people think this is weird.
The Beatles
comments: No one should think this is weird.

My favorite movies:

Ferris Buellers Day Off

My favorite authors:

Vladimir Nabokov
Kevin Smith
Stephen King
Sarah Vowell

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