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from hollywood-bh :
sweet dogma and Ramen Noodles hey i'm hollywood too lol
from starlight42 :
Just wanted to say I love the ramen noodles banner
from thespark :
I run a diaryring/community. I'd like for you to join the ring. E-mail me if you're interested: [email protected].
from stinky-gooch :
Ure diary is fuckin hilarious
from ninjajesus :
you have a rockin profile what do you think of chasing amy
from devadasi :
Hey! Your diary kicks ass sweetie. I saw your banner *cute* and then read a few entries and looked at your profile...Nice nice nice :0) Best of luck with Columbia!
from drunkencynic :
Fucking awesome layout. I haven't read much of your diary yet but I intend to. Very funny so far.
from raven72d :
Yes, I love dead baby jokes... And TMBG is a wonderful band... (After all, when I was vur' small my father already knew "Istanbul Not Constantinople")
from nosecandi :
Ohh I love you, dead baby jokes are the best!! hey if you havent heard this one, why did the baby cross the road?
from blitzditz :
AAAH, damn, I'm on the wrong account. My actual diary is I know you wanted to know that
from blitzditz :
You're freaking funny. Nice play. NFG rocks :)
from pollymoog :
good read, keep it up
from proudnerd :
Hey! You're thinking about applying Early to dear old Alma Mater?? Yay! Ask me anything - I'd be glad to answer any of your questions. And try not to worry about SAT IIs. This whole process will be over soon, and it will seem like a dream. But high school, believe it or not, does have its advantages. So enjoy your last year, and if you do end up going to CU I would be more than happy to show you around.
from alaylam :
I too have grown up with a terrible terrible name. In my opinion it is far worse than any other name, including Hoogendyk and Koch. How about having the last name REEKS?!?! Try THAT one for 16 years... "Alaylam Reeks, LITERALLY". Kids can be SO CRUEL!
from chemicalsun :
why is my head perfect hitting height for all those book shelves and such! argh that pisses me off the way my head rebounds of everything. funny diary by the way (think i've said that before lol)
from veggiedog :
sorry about that long-ass message
from veggiedog :
i like your site. and i know you were asking questions in a rhetorical/humorous way, so the following facts i'm about to disclose to you are going to kill that. (even though i think the more knowledge you have, the more you can make fun of things). ready?: the book of leviticus was written strictly for jewish rabbis. why western society follows it (especially the anti-homosexual ideas), i know not. there were thousands of 'great floods' in ancient times, and many accounts of them throughout ancient texts. those people were scared SHITLESS of the euphrates and tigris rivers! christianity is not technically monotheistic, as satan is considered a deity. i learned all this, AND MORE, in a beginner-level religion class at my university a few years back. it furthered my disbelief in the whole 'almighty being' thing. g'day.
from x-kitty66-x :
hee!Aluminummmmmmmm penis. Heh.You're funny and I like New Found Glory too ya know. Yell at me okay.

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