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from cassiejo84 :
Well hey. Fancy meeting you here. LOL. I always wanted to say that, and now I have. It's finally out of my system and now I can breathe easier. ANYWAY. The point of this note was really just to say..I'm crazy about you. Really. Crazy. You how the joke need to elaborate. Oh yeah, you need to update!
from cassiejo84 :
Hey! I know you're having fun up there, but don't forget how much I miss you! I wish I could see you today...Nemo wants to get found again...
from cassiejo84 :
Happy birthday! I'm glad you're here so I can share it with you...although..I'm at my house. You know what I mean. You're amazing.
from cassiejo84 :
I'm on my break from work *sigh*...the world of food and people has lost it's appeal. Maybe I'll move to an island all by myself. Hmmm, that wouldn't make much sense would it? ANYWAYS. I think I have to go back now...I'm not sure. That's pretty bad, huh? I don't even know what time I left. I'm tired and I need a back rub:( Alrighty, have a nice afternoon. See ya later
from cassiejo84 :
yeah!! you have a diary! i'm so excited! that is just one more thing that we can share now.

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