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from blujeans-uk :
Thats kind of you to say. Those pictures are from what feels like a lifetime ago now though, and I have definitely grown into my confidence since then :)
from achmardi :
Thank you!
from julymalaise :
Oh that’s cool. I’m looking forward to all changes that Andrew has in store for diaryland
from julymalaise :
Thanks! And I’m so sorry to hear about that. What was your previous account? I can understand. I can’t get access to any of the others I want access in.
from strawberrri :
Thanks! But I can't take any credit whatsoever. Someone designed it, and I linked to their site to give them credit, but they went defunct well over a decade ago, if not longer.
from sparkle-pink :
yikes I'm glad you made it out of the hospital okay. Hope you make a full recovery soon!
from jimbostaxi :
Thanks for the add on I’ve added you as well. I’m trying to get back to posting my regularly :)
from papotheclown :
That's actually how I was able to get out as well. I convinced them that being in was actually increasing my anxiety. The only thing that made it helpful was 1. finally finding a prescription that works and 2. developing a little mental-ward crush on someone who really seemed to understand me. The rest of the experience was pretty awful.
from swordfern :
thank you!
from hitch-hike :
Hello, and thank you for the add!! Looking forward to reading more of you!
from illusionless :
Thanks for the note. I've been in therapy and am on medication and both have helped me a lot. It was a lot of trial and error before finding the right combo that worked. Now it's about trying to get myself back into normal society. ^_^
from misfitstray :
I think that the "mail-guys/girls" in Korea are taking the packages for themselfes ;)
from dangerspouse :
Thanks for the note, and again: welcome back, no matter which account name you're stuck with :) Lol- think you could reduce the size of that pic so it doesn't look like we're looking at a row of skyscrapers? Regardless, a very impressive looking piece from what I can tell. Post more (smaller) pics when you finish it!
from sparkle-pink :
Heya!! username sparklepink password envelope. I look forward to reading more of your entries :D
from dangerspouse :
Hey, I just saw you added me as a fave. Thanks, I'm very flattered! I added you to mine - you seem like a real fascinating character, and I'm looking forward to reading more of your and Bill's adventures:)
from omfggwtf :
i quite like your diary! :) xo.

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