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from cockheadjoe :
Yes, yes we should.
from cockheadjoe :
Where can you go when your mind is your worst enemy?
from cockheadjoe :
Most of the time I don't really mean anything... ever, it's just my surfacing want for someone I respect to respond and acknowledge my existence. I could most likely approach this in a different way then what I normally do. Any ideas?
from cockheadjoe :
I am the only person to sign these notes, so I feel safe for some reason. I will now go off on a tangent... Do you ever find yourself slipping away? You thought it came from repressed memories, or shock, or someone breaking your trust. You never thought it could just happen. The fact is, the more you think about how to fix it and what's happening the more real it becomes. It is not the fact that your are losing hold and slipping, but that you ever tried to hold on in the first place. If you hold the desease, then you hold the cure. So what if you are insane. Let go. You are not different. The only way to be deep is to realize that you're shallow. The only way to be deep is to realize that you're shallow. But, you can say no shit, and that's what I mean, that's the fakeness that haunts me in the form of everyone I've ever met. Wait repeat that... How much does it bother you that you've never met yourself. I think the words you rule over in the things people call your poems do more justice to reality through your fingertips than out your mouth. I will tell you one fact (and it too is a lie). EVERYTHING YOU'VE EVER HEARD WAS A LIE. So how can you stop lying unless you start dying. Or maybe, just maybe, life is a lie and that is the untruth. You are not real, God just imagined you. Let go. The only way to be deep is to realize that you're shallow. But, it's okay you don't think you're deep, you're more modest than that, you write constantly because you have nothing to say... Right? Perhaps the constant thought of insanity is quite close to the compulsive writing. Maybe having nothing to say is not that bad. How real do you want your fears to become?
from cockheadjoe :
I agree with you, sadness is attractive.
from cockheadjoe :
It's funny when the plastic shells call the other plastic shells "plastic shells."
from cockheadjoe :
Nothing can be difficult.

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