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from kittyleopard :
Awesome Diary. Karma.
from sorostitute :
baby.....i miss you......yes the rockstar is in the picture but it is for release that gives relaxation.....were you abducted by aliens????i hope not...they will never find me my sweet love,,
from suicidalwhim :
mmmm jthm. the friends you think are your friends are really your enemeis? - I was hoping not but it seems that way at the moment!! What does jthm mean!!! xo
from sorostitute : i need your lovin' hurry back sexy beast!!!!
from tobllek :
help Ive been attacked by a chocolate chip cookie!!!!!! the swamp chicken wants to tango....meat at the boo radley house.....
from matlock348 :
i was just reading through your online diary and i found the entry about seeing ozzy and hanging out was it to see zakk play live? i imagine it would be pretty fuckin' good. i only saw him when he had that softcock joe holmes playing the fiddle.
from blackthorn54 :
you need to teach me the wonders of diaryland. but i need my clothes!
from ugly-arms :
i like you.
from srch-n-dstry :
Do as the prompt tells you to do and remember: Search And Destroy.
from phonetics :
*lol*..thanx 4 leaving me a'd u hear/learn abt my diary, yo? u have a pretty interesting diary yrself actually...tight design....pCe.
from dinozilla :
it was on at 7 instead of 8. two episodes. both repeats. but i guess you'd have to be watching tv all day to happen upon it. not that i was.
from mccullen :
yo, i piss people off all the time, it's my involuntary hobby. also, whats up with this i-fucked-a-one-armed-guy friend of yours? i'm totally aroused now.
from mel839 :

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