The Shaolin Enigma

If you're looking for whining I'm-an-outcast-and-I-wanna-kill-myself garbage, look elsewhere. I am a kung fu fighting, wine tasting, jazz listening, gun-toting writer who has seen the crap and lived to tell about it.

My favorite diaries:

tri-me profile - diary
comments: What can I say, the girl's got goals - and she's not afraid to go after them! Rock on :)
kungfukitten profile - diary
comments: I check in daily - she keeps me rolling on the floor and may possibly be my personality double...
cingi profile - diary
comments: Anyone who offers to buy me a drink must be ok.

My favorite music:

Michael Buble
comments: Hot, hot, hot! Makes me wanna...well...some things are better left unsaid.
comments: there's nothing more sadistic than an infant waving his pistol in my face
comments: Come down to my house and stick a stone in your can always pull it out if you like it too much...
Dean Martin
comments: call me a hopeless romantic...he could sing BINGO and be sexy
comments: My latest Jazz obsession

My favorite movies:

Mortal Kombat
comments: FIGHT!
Long Kiss Goodnight
comments: Geena Davis lays waste to the bad guys...what a twist :)
Romeo Must Die
comments: The One, The Kiss of the Dragon and every other Jet Li movie ever made. Not only is he a bad ass, he's cute too :)
Fright Night
comments: THE best vampire flick ever made.
So I Married an Axe Murderer
comments: It's like an orange on a toothpick.

My favorite authors:

Laurell K. Hamilton
comments: The Anita Blake series kicks serious ass.
comments: Still trying to kick ass.
Janet Evanovich
comments: My unbridled laughter has banned me from Delta Airlines forever.
Bentley Little
comments: too friggin wierd

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