The Secret Life of An Ex-Lawyer

Fiction is better than reality. Words are worth their weight in gold. The tongue can cut like a thousand knives. Great friends and great loves are rare.

I want you to know very little about me--only what I think.

My favorite diaries:

ssgtsocrates profile - diary
comments: my inspiration to join the legion of diarists

My favorite music:

Tom Waits
comments: Interesting how his music sounds like he mis-heard something or two types of music are being played over one another.
Warren Zevon
comments: Tells you how old I am. I also love Lou Reed. Hmmm.
Miles Davis
Crash Test Dummies
comments: What is with the most luscious bass voice?
John Coltrane

My favorite movies:

The Deer Hunter
comments: What a breathtaking 2 1/2 hours of film. This film turned me on to movies.
Passion Fish
comments: John Sayles is my favorite filmmaker--he is a great storyteller. All of his films are gems.
Apocalypse Now
comments: I love antiwar films and I love great acting. Storytelling can take a back seat in the movies when there are great scenes and great acting.
La Femme Nikita--french version only.
comments: Full Metal Jacket is also up there on my list. Anything by Stanley Kubrick is amazing--he is the master of the scene.
The 25th Hour
comments: Fight Club, American History X and almost anything with Edward Norton makes my top 10

My favorite authors:

William Shakespeare
comments: Great writing is first only to great theater. I kneel at the altar of live theater. Will watch any play before going to any ballgame any day.
Sigmund Freud
comments: And both books and plays are followed closely by great sex--Freud would be proud
John Fante
comments: The beat writers were fantastic--Burrows and Kerouac. Love a true American original like Hunter S. Thompson.
J D Salinger
comments: Happiest when reading Roth, Bellows and other American greats.
Margaret Atwood
comments: Must mention Toni Morrison and Gloria Naylor. Couldn't live without them

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