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...when you get to a certain age you realize that the only thing you have time for is doing exactly what you want

My favorite diaries:

Barenaked500 profile - diary
comments: No teacher to follow, no prophet to tell me how
Miss-Miami profile - diary
comments: But I know what I want, I know what I want now.
bubbleyumgrl profile - diary
comments: Like water, it rushes
withopeneyes profile - diary
comments: it's the last thing you see when you close your eyes,
the-grinch profile - diary
comments: it's the one place you want to be
xliapiax profile - diary
comments: But if it doesn't brush my shoulder, and it doesn't beat my heart,
chubbychic profile - diary
comments: that's not what I want, that's not where I will start.
vexmix profile - diary
comments: I never kissed somebody so that they would break my heart,
coffeestain profile - diary
comments: that's not what I want.
bsbfan009 profile - diary
comments: If you don't know what you're missing
opalfruits profile - diary
comments: cause you don't know where to start,
entertwined profile - diary
comments: follow your wishing heart
doll-parts profile - diary
comments: But you don't understand
party-on profile - diary
comments: You don't understand me, and I want to be understood
an6elo profile - diary
comments: If we all leap before we crawl, we might fall,
braceletgirl profile - diary
comments: And it's not always candy spun from head to heart,
cheerleader7 profile - diary
comments: And it's not always meant to be,
eebee profile - diary
comments: And it's not always up to me.
braceletgirl profile - diary
stilledheart profile - diary
kpete profile - diary
blue-candy-b profile - diary
chocgurlie8 profile - diary
backslide profile - diary
lusciousme profile - diary
zacandsara profile - diary
tracesoflove profile - diary
shirleyb profile - diary
medievel profile - diary
itsmylife profile - diary
omzhaara profile - diary
ababystory profile - diary

My favorite music:

Lisa Loeb
comments: "I've never kissed someone so that they would break my heart"
Fiona Apple
comments: "I thought he was a man but he was just a little boy ...hunger hurts, and I want him so bad, oh it kills
Sheryl Crow
comments: "No one said it would be easy...But no one said it'd be this hard"
Ben Folds Five
comments: "Every couple nights or so...You know you pop into my dreams... I just can't get rid of you... Like you got rid of me"
Lauryn Hill
comments: Michelle Branch.Jennifer Lopez.Avril Lavigne.Blink 182.PeteYorn.Weezer.Vanessa Carlton.Musiq.Ashanti.Everclear.Goldfinger. Madonna Classics.NKOTB.Cake.Ja Rule.Li'Mo. Ludacris.Destiny's Child

My favorite movies:

Muriel's Wedding
comments: Toni Collette is truly the dancing queen. Another outcast movie. This movie got me addicted to the tide is high by Blondie.
Cruel Intentions
comments: Clever with a fabulous cast, not believable but then what is?
10 Thing I Hate About YOu
comments: Not the typical teen fare yet heartwrenching one moment and hilarious the next
comments: Great music and sweet storyline. Did I mention Jason Biggs!
comments: Probably never heard of it but another sweet story about an outcast. Great soundtrack and a preDawson's Creek James Vanderbeek

My favorite authors:

Loraine Despres
comments: Love is like cigarettes. It gives you a little pleasure while you're at it, but it leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth and a pain in your chest.
Alice Hoffman
comments: The River King was fabolous but her old stuff is just as great.
Oprah Bookclub
comments: Wally Lamb's "She's come undone" is remarkable Anna Quindlen's "Black and Blue" is heartwrenching.Billie Letts "Where the Heart is"
Nick Hornby
comments: I can see now I never really committed to Laura. I always had one foot out the door, and that prevented me from doing a lot of things, like thinking about my future and... I guess it made more sense to commit to nothing, keep my options open. And that
Helen Fielding
comments: This calls for some really tiny knickers!

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