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I'm the director of theatre at a small college in the south. I'm married and have one son.

"I think it advisable for every man that has sense and thoughts enough, to be his own companion (for certainly there is more required to qualify a man for his own company than for other men's), to be as frequent in his retirements as he can, and to communicate as little with the world as is consistent with the duty of doing good, and the discharge of the common offices of humanity."

--- Siegfried Sassoon

My favorite diaries:

My favorite music:

Tom Stoppard
comments: All of him, but especially THE REAL THING, ARCADIA and ROCK 'N ROLL. Jane Austen. Mary McCarthy.
comments: Shakespeare. Sophocles. Yeah. I'm pretentious.
comments: This is kind of indiscriminate, since I will read anyone's, anyplace, anytime.
comments: A SOLDIER OF THE GREAT WAR. Connie Willis. L.M. Boston, The Green Knowe Books
comments: The Winter's Tale. The letters of Decca Mitford. Patrick Leigh Fermor.

My favorite movies:

The English Patient
comments: C'mon . . .flying your love in a fiery biplane while Germans shoot you down? That's love cubed.
comments: Julie Bovasso. Plus "Someday you'll drop dead and I'll come to the funeral in a red dress." People should say things like that more often; it would make the language more interesting.
Love Actually
comments: Emma Thompson. Breaking down to Joni Mitchell? Take notes.
Angels in America
comments: Meryl Streep, Meryl Streep. Meryl Streep.
His Girl Friday
comments: "I still have the dimple, and it's still in the same place."

My favorite authors:

Evelyn Waugh
comments: The jokes. The letters. HELENA.
Donna Tartt
comments: Thank God she wrote the second book, I was afraid I was going to fall in love again with another Harper Lee.
Michael Chabon
comments: Because he writes about the kinds of things in which I am interested, and I find myself interested in whatever he writes about.
Nancy Mitford
comments: More jokes, and to make it even better, she wrote letters to Waugh!
Philip Pullman
comments: The last fantasy in which I could live. as opposed to merely enjoy, like poor Harry.

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