... pretty girls make graves ...

people think i look mournful, but im a happy person really. i dont dot my 'i's with hearts though - daniel radcliffe

this is my place for my head where i can put down all the things that run riot through this lil' head of mine! some good and some bad.

you can judge for yourself but its my life and not yours so if you dont like what you see then leave. simple as that

im a really big music fan, almost bordering on obsession!!!, and if a could be a kid again i definitly would be. but until then im a cartoon version of a human!

am really all types of music. do have my favourites, and yes one of them is the white stripes. specifically more so a jack white fan. i love the way he plays that guitar, and the sounds it makes!!!

on the complete end of the scale im into the nu-metal side of things. think bands like linkin park and korn are glimpses of the future of music.

hopefully music will never die and thats all that matters!

this diary is gonna be all about those things i love and what happens to me. your normal typical diary thing!

im really into spray paint art and walking in graveyards. strange and un-appreciated things like that!

im not as morbid as i seem but i do have a penchant for liking human skulls and the realisation that death can happen at any time.

My favorite diaries:

dust-settle profile - diary
comments: fan of alkaline trio- how can you not like a person who likes them!!!
silver-blue profile - diary
comments: good music taste and great diary to look at! seems an all round decent person!!! but thats because she is an all round decent person!
makavelli profile - diary
comments: i hav no idea how they found me but im glad they did. hope everything works out well and ive found a good friendship here
alwaysrain profile - diary
comments: a very good friend who came into my life through strange circumstances but i love her all the same
p3-corr profile - diary
comments: check her diary... she rules!
highv0ltage profile - diary
comments: now how can u not adore a linkin park fan! mike shinoda is one of the most sexiest men ever!
tatufan80 profile - diary
comments: thank god we are mates again!
drumfan04 profile - diary
comments: smeagol rules!!!!
lynseysam profile - diary
comments: loves jack white as much as the rest of us - and thats a lot! hope she's ok and i love her new courtney love layout!

My favorite music:

the white stripes
comments: im in love with jack white. hav been for ages. the musics great too! saw them at reading festival 2002 and hav loved them ever since. was just blown away by the pure rawness of it all. was all the music ive wanted to get around to for ages
linkin park
comments: love this band... oh and mike shinoda! i know its a complete contrast to the white stripes but sometimes opposites are good. in the world of music contrasts are good!
bruce springsteen
comments: definitly the boss!!!
comments: something corporate, jimmy eat world, avril lavigne, michelle branch, feeder, savage garden, amy studt, suzanne vega
comments: finch, korn, matchbox20, eve6, sclub7, stone temple pilots, stereophonics, goo goo dolls, new found glory, foo fighters, nirvana, sinch, david sneddon, sikth, dashboard confessional, sheryl crow

My favorite movies:

high fidelity
comments: ive loved this film for ages... am a big john cusack fan and of his work
harry potter and the chamber of secrets
comments: they film this round the corner from me and so its been great watching them film it. see daniel radcliffe and rupert grint play football as well!
the good girl
comments: saw this the other day and was really surprised by how much i loved it
comments: this just reminds me of my 23rd birthday where me and my best friend just rented out vids and sat and watched them. really girly but ill always remember that day for taht reason
the nightmare before christmas
comments: i love this film. tim burton's films are always great but esp this one. jack skelton is just great!!! i love the dog the most though!

My favorite authors:

nick hornby
comments: he wrote 'high fidelity' and 'about a boy'. just love the way he writes. its so real and gritty. just like i want my stuff to turn out like but im too caught up in day-dreams to make it as gritty as id like!
j.k. rowling
comments: just started reading book 5 and you have to admit she is a good author. altho on reflection book5 doesnt live up to its hype. nothing can beat 'harry potter & the prisoner of azkaban'!!!
c.s. lewis
comments: love the narnia series and some of the papers hes written. 'voyage of the dawn treader' is my favourite!
sophie kinsella
comments: i love her book 'the secret dreamworld of a shopoholic'. ended up reading the series!! anyway she writes with such honesty and girliness its hard not to like it. and you definitly know someone like her characters!
'sabrina the teenage witch' books
comments: yes, i know its childish... but they are good books and i never grew up!!! i also love the films and the tv series!!! melissa joan hart rules!!!

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