"The only way to exit is going piece by piece"

My favorite diaries:

ingridwrites profile - diary
comments: "Of course they can smell my fear and must come over and talk to me. "
metonym profile - diary
comments: "There's a reason why Brigitte Bardot was sleeping with such an ugly man."
rue-madame profile - diary
comments: "I�m irked because I�m broke and you�ll never catch me running around in a brand new pair of MJ wedges! Bitter, party of one. C�est moi."
metanoia profile - diary
comments: "The mold on my shower has evolved to a thinking organism with language skills, so I can have a nice conversation in the morning as I shower... I am waiting for it to grow hands and then I will teach it to clean out the shower"
tempewytch profile - diary
comments: "Things have been a bit .... odd.... for a couple of weeks, so no diary, my weight is all over the show, my stitching is not happening, organisation has gone to pot and generally stuff is weird!"

My favorite music:

comments: "I am not innocent. You are not inncoent. No one is innocent."
comments: "How can you look at me when I can't stand myself?"
comments: "I'll find myself, so I won't be lost again."
Lacuna Coil
comments: "All the stars are going out and this stage is full of nothing"
comments: "The thing I treasure most in life cannot be taken away"

My favorite movies:

Beautiful Girls
comments: "What we've been doing lately is smoking massive amounts of drugs"
Sex and Death 101
comments: "It's too true to be good."
Sliding Doors
comments: "No, I could never love a Baywatch fan"
comments: "You're going to have to repeat that"
The Matrix
comments: "Human beings are a disease. A cancer of this planet."

My favorite authors:

A. S. Byatt
comments: "I thank you now, before my voice, or eyes or weak wit fail"
Gregory Maguire
comments: "We may remember what we have done, but not always why we did it."
Pauline Reage
comments: "It is only when you make me suffer that I feel safe and secure."
Jim Butcher
comments: "The movie of my life must be really low-budget."
Tim Farrington
comments: "We live at best in the hope of sunlight, and the memory of it..."

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