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Hello my name is haedn. There is not much to say about me except im crazy! Im so crazy! Im so crazy i wear a top hat! Im so crazy i walk backwards in public! Im so crazy i wear high heels! Im so crazy i will cut off your arms and legs and boil them in acid and the cut off your head and keep it in my fridge!

My favorite diaries:

tumblehead profile - diary
comments: Sami! She is the one who i made my diary for and she is great. Mmmyep. She has a tongue ring.
aliciame profile - diary
comments: This is alicia a good friend but she hasnt entered anything forever she has forgotten about it heh
anti-hotdawg profile - diary
comments: This is Caitling. She is more of an aquatinince but i still may as well put her diaryland here becuase i have so few people
gah-death profile - diary
comments: This is Cassie. She is more of an aquantince as well but she cant stop me! can you cassie ehh ehh? NO! thats what i thought.

My favorite music:

comments: I have always liked Nirvana, but I have been listening to them a lot more for the last 2 years and they are now tied as my favorite band with the White Stripes. I love Kurt Cobains voice. It wasn't even that good there was just something about it. An
The White Stripes
comments: For some reason this band has been growing on me lately because I think it's amazing how just 2 people (brother and sister at that) can make such great music which is a mixture of Blues and Punk Rock
Any 60s or 70s Rock Band
comments: Pink Floyd, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, The Beatles etc. the list goes on forever but I love all of the bands so much because of their awesome acid lyrics and great guitar.
comments: I don't listen to reggae a whole lot, and this isn't quite reggae but it is a great mixture of reggae and rock. Their lyrics are great and go good with their reggae type music and guitar.
comments: I'm not into a whole lot of metal, but I love Metallica because they have influenced SO many other bands with their great speed metal and amazing guitar solos. I'm not a fan of their somewhat gothic lyrics but i love the speed metal sound.

My favorite movies:

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
comments: This, I think is my favorite movie, because it was so controversial and the music in it is so great. I love the plot, the music and basically everything about it. And the play is really good too.
Any Quentin Tarantino Movies
comments: I only watched Pulp Fiction about 3 months ago, and since then I have seen all of his movies. I have to say he is my favorite director because of the way he does the films, back and forth between characters and between time.
Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter
comments: A very cheesy yet VERY great B rate film. It is an independent film I found about Jesus has come back again and before he can start judging people he has to fight vampires with his Mexican wrestler friend Santos. So cheesy yet so great!
The Nightmare Before Christmas
comments: Some people think of this as a little kids movie, I think of this as a work of art. The claymation is great and the story is just so great. Jack Skellington is a great character and Tim Burton is a great writer.

My favorite authors:

Edgar Allan Poe
comments: I'm not super into poetry I read it sometimes, but i LOVE edgar allan poes poetry and short stories. I like the short stories more and my favorite is the Tell Tale Heart. I like his stuff becuase it is really deep and interesting and you know he was
Jhonen Vasquez
comments: Well, hes not an author, he is a comic book artist, but if you haven't read Johnny The Homicidal Maniac or Squee you should they are great comics that are really funny and have great drawings
Dante Alighieri
comments: He was a 1500s poet who wrote a poem called The Inferno. It is about his travel to reach heaven where he must go through each layer of hell with an angel to guard him. I love it because it gives you a great vision of what hell looks like.

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