One Night @ McKool's

"I fuck you with my art!"

-"Anton in Show Business"

My favorite diaries:

lonelyfox profile - diary
comments: Like the radio station, Fox rox.
bleue profile - diary
comments: For a beautiful woman, her writing's got big balls. New and Improved!
questioner profile - diary
comments: Just a day in the life.
Acid-Reflux profile - diary
comments: I don't know this dude. But he's damn funny.
Opaque88 profile - diary
comments: leaps and bounds ahead of her class.
moonblue profile - diary
comments: the broad has attitude. i like attitude. she doesn't have spunk. i hate spunk.
highway23 profile - diary
comments: A damn fine read. Balls, brains, and a fun guy to drink with
cutething profile - diary
comments: I am coming to depend on this site for my daily dose of randomness.
beautifulmeh profile - diary
comments: She's punk. She's tattooed. She's an English Major. What's not to like?
katy-bug profile - diary
comments: This girl's diary is like spring. Fresh, beautiful, and full of hope. And in fact, so is she!
kittysnap profile - diary
comments: Adorable, British, and the love of my life. Nuff said.

My favorite music:

Blues Traveller
comments: Every single one of these guys (even the dead bassist) kicks ass. Every single one of them does their job phenomenally.
Dire Straits
comments: yeah. that's some smooth shit.
comments: They're getting softer as they get older, but they still got more skills than ninety percent of the bands out there
Rolling Stones
comments: Original ass kickers
Shout outs
comments: So many...Chuck Berry the Originator, ACDC, Leadbelly, SRV (Hail to the King, Baby), Jimmy, Satchmo, Eminem, P-Funk (Iwantstagetfunkedup), Prince..etc, etc

My favorite movies:

Usual Suspects
comments: "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was convincing the world he didn't exist" Best montage ever
Star Wars. All of'em ;)
comments: "We got Deathstars. We got Death Stars. We got Deathstars. We got Deathstars."
Shawshank Redemption
comments: Only movie better than the book.
comments: Chow Yun Fat is the baddest of the bad.
Shout Outs
comments: Kurisowa, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, Bond, Bogey (We're no Angels and Casablanca), Harvey, The Marx Bros. LOTR, Matrix, Jack Ryan, Cary Grant (His Girl Friday) Glory, Amistead, Insomnia, etc.

My favorite authors:

T.S. Elliot
comments: "and I will show you fear in a handful of dust" Yeah. Top THAT shit you hallmark sonsabitches.
Stephen King
comments: Fuck the critics. King's got chops.
Ken Kesey
comments: Cuckoo's Nest is the best book ever. EVER.
Tennessee Williams
comments: nobody got balls like Williams
Shout Outs
comments: My fantasy/sci-fi block Jordan, Lovecraft, Card, and Goodkind. Ellison's Invisible Man, Achebe's Things Fall apart, O'Neill (depressed mofo). Herman Hesse, Lewis Carrol, and C.S. Lewis

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