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My favorite diaries:

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comments: :::Ultimate fangirl kookiness:::
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comments: :::Monkey King:::
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comments: :::Lovely:::
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comments: :::A touch of sadness in a world of rage:::
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comments: :::A mass of rage in a world of sadness:::
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comments: :::Think pink!:::

My favorite music:

comments: Crazy fan. :) Best band in the world! Yah!
Iron Maiden
Type O Negative
comments: You gotta love a band that makes fun of their fans and themselves!
comments: Classic Santana only, please!
Offspring, Korn, U2, Stabbing Westward, Marilyn Manson, Marillion, Loreena Mckennit, Anthrax, classic Judas Priest
comments: And a whole bunch more I can't fit here...

My favorite movies:

Tale of a Vampire
comments: MUCH better than Interview with the Wuss, er, Vampire. I'm not particularly excited about Queen of the Damned, either.
Fellowship of the Ring
comments: If you haven't seen this movie, shame on you! Even my mom and sister loved this movie, and that's saying a lot!
comments: One of my all time faves. Cool cool cool movie. It's got Jim Henson, Brian Froud, and David Bowie! What else could you ever need?
comments: My all time favorite movie series since I was a kid. I wanted a particle accelerator backpack so bad, and I still want one!
Meet the Feebles
comments: Done by Peter Jackson, who happened to direct Lord of the Rings. Sick, psycho, literally Muppets-on-crack type stuff! Oh, such a grand ol' movie!

My favorite authors:

Jae Lee
comments: Comic book artist - Hellshock!
Frank Cho
comments: Comic strip artist - Liberty Meadows!
Darcy Steinke
comments: Cool and weird in an ambi-sexual way. Read _Suicide Blonde_ and _Jesus Saves_!
JRR Tolkien
comments: Who doesn't like this author?
Scott Adams
comments: I'm a tech dweeb. I actually understand most of the humor in the Dilbert books.

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