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"I'm a happy Ryuugekitai. No, really."

elya-chan decided she wanted a place to rant about random things without having to revamp her own website. Expect much anime, much j-rock, some Queensr�che, eclectic book and music selections, highly random rantage, occasional pictures and wallpaper, and a dash of shoujo sparkles. Thealogy (yes, I meant to spell it that way) is optional.

elya-chan generally feels somewhat like Serena Schezar and somewhat like Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV, which is probably a scary combination.

My favorite diaries:

nyx-alastair profile - diary
comments: Melanie-sama, my best friend from high school, and now my roommate! ^_^
lunablossom profile - diary
comments: Chenoa, another best friend from HS
arborwin profile - diary
comments: a kindred spirit - I always love reading what she has to say.
bishophrenia profile - diary
comments: Just... odd. And eerily familiar, if i'm brave enough to admit it.
shoiryu profile - diary
comments: another kindred spirit - her words resonate so much with my own experience.
mazokuheart profile - diary
comments: I think I'm in love... ^_^;;
turk4u profile - diary
comments: Random shoujo goodness and FABULOUS oekakies. ^__^ One of the people who got me started on my jrock obsession. XD
oddgoogle profile - diary
comments: I love google... people come to your page looking for the *strangest* stuff...
westslang profile - diary
comments: The Trigun crew has their own diary. ph33r. *giggle*
ladyjanie profile - diary
comments: o/~ Lady Jane, your eyes are wide today... o/~ ... ... A great 'R�chette friend!
pretentia profile - diary
comments: Cym-nee-chan! Muahahaha.... Goth Girl Extraordinare. ^_^
starkodama profile - diary
comments: XD~~~~ *grin*
hyatt-hime profile - diary
comments: *snicker*
lost-savior profile - diary
comments: oooooooh...
marn profile - diary
comments: Highly amusing, eh.
diaryanon profile - diary
comments: When things need to be said but noone can know you said them...
haloofcurls profile - diary
comments: Mrr... ^_~
shadow-self profile - diary
comments: Chenoa's other diary...
plushiedoken profile - diary
comments: Heehee... Oddness. Just... oddness. The strange, strange conversations I have on IM with my friends... *giggle*
diviertame profile - diary
comments: In which Elya-chan is highly amused by Liz's ramblings. ^_^
katze-rain profile - diary
comments: J-rock dreams... go for it, girl! ^_^<3
yaoi profile - diary
comments: citrusy goodness! XD~~
rumblelizard profile - diary
comments: I... just started reading... and I can't stop... ^.^
killraven profile - diary
comments: mmm, Gacktalicious layout. I'll be KR's freelance 33V!1 minion!
angstland profile - diary
comments: Because the world always needs more anonymous rantspace. *grin*
smallnight profile - diary
comments: *pokupoku* see if he actually updates this time...
pieceofme profile - diary
comments: there's beauty in pain...
darklily profile - diary
comments: Her banner had chibi-Vampire Hunter D on it. How could I NOT click?

My favorite music:

comments: I've been obsessed with QR since high school. ^_^ Geoff Tate's voice is incredible, the music is awesome, the lyrics are wonderful. I have a tri-r�che tattooed on my ankle. I've drawn chibi band members. I dot m� �'s. *giggle*
comments: Fell in love with him for the same reason I fell in love with Geoff - his voice. 'Course, he's incredibly pretty, too... writes some... interesting lyrics as well. Heehee. Vanilla. ^_^
Malice Mizer
comments: Gackt used to be the lead singer, now Klaha is. I love 'em both. Mana is... Mana. Mana's fabulous. K�zi scares me. Yu~ki is adorable. Kami was incredible, I miss him. ;_; Very unique, excellent music... and the fashion sense is stunning. ^_^
Yoko Kanno
comments: She's the composer of the wonderful music from both Escaflowne and Cowboy Bebop - which shows how versatile she is, to be sure! Want to get me interested in a series? Tell me Yoko Kanno did the music. *grin*
comments: Dir en grey, Luna Sea, Inoran, L'Arc~en~Ciel, X Japan, hide, Pride of Mind, Janne Da Arc, Raphael, Duel Jewel, and many more!

My favorite movies:

comments: As should be patently obvious by the title, previous layout, and adopted sprites in my diary, I ADORE this anime... both tv series and movie, though they are quite different. Dilandau-sama is obsess-worthy, to be sure. I'm his Dragonslayer biyatch.
Cowboy Bebop
comments: The only anime in existence that I'd rather watch dubbed than subbed. Tends to be one of the first things I hand people to get them interested in anime. And Yoko Kanno's music KICKS ASS.
Kaikan Phrase
comments: Not a movie, an anime tv series. Mmm, bishounen j-rock eye- and ear-candy. No, it's not high drama. It doesn't have to be. It has Yuki. And Atsuro, and Towa, and Santa, and Sakuya. *fangirl grin* I need more fansubs.
comments: Probably the one thing I've been obsessed with the longest, ever since it came out when I was, what, 6? I STILL have my plush Gizmo! Though there are stories there... ^_^;;
Days of Thunder
comments: Yes, it's a cheesy racing movie with Tom Cruise. Yes, I could probably quote the whole damn thing by heart. "Go back out there and hit the pace car!"

My favorite authors:

Neal Stephenson
comments: This guy is hazardous to my health. I have this tendency to stay up till 4 or so in the morning finishing his books when I have to be at work the next day. ^_^;;;
Rumiko Takahashi
comments: The creator of Rumik World, Ranma 1/2, and much other niftiness, including my current favorite manga, Inu-Yasha. Excellent art AND stories, running the gamut from serious to silly, horror to romance... sometimes all at once. *g*
Melanie Rawn
comments: I've lost count of how many times I've read and re-read her Dragon Prince and Dragon Star trilogies. Unfortunately, haven't seen anything new from her since... what was it? Exiles? The Golden Key? *sigh*
P.C. Hodgell
comments: Her stuff can be hard to find, but it's very much worth the search. God Stalk and Dark of the Moon are two more I've re-read countless times, and I was so happy to finally find Seeker's Mask! ^_^ Now I want to know what happens next...

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