I Am 32 Flavours, And Then Some!

I wear my heart and mind on my D-Land. I say what I mean & I mean what I feel. No punches pulled here. Reader discretion advised.

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My favorite music:

comments: She's beautiful in every way. What a voice. If I were a lesbian... Heehee!
Tragically Hip
comments: Great Canadian band, although I prefer their older stuff to their latest.
Dixie Chicks
comments: Even if you don't like country (I am not a huge fan) these girls are awesome. Feel good music.
Bare Naked Ladies
comments: More great Canadian artists. Can't say I've heard a song I didn't like.
Bif Naked
comments: This chick rocks! Again Canadian too! & I HAVE TO ADD HERE: I AM A HUGE MUSIC FAN, SO THIS IS JUST FIVE OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD!

My favorite movies:

Kill Bill (both Volumes 1 & 2)
comments: I am one of Quentin Tarantino's biggest fans, and these might just be his best films.
Old School
comments: Have watched this movie a gazillion times and will watch a gazillion more! Laughed my ass off! GO RENT IT! NOW! P.S. Vince Vaughn is hot!
The Wizard Of Oz
comments: A Classic. For all ages. Should never be forgotten.
Forrest Gump
comments: Tom Hanks is a wonderful actor and really shines here. Laugh, cry, learn, feel. Everyone should see this movie.

My favorite authors:

John Saul
comments: Books to give me nightmares. Wow, some scary shit! Check out Comes the Blind Fury. I read when I was quite young and it still gives me the heebeejeebies!
Dean Koontz
comments: Again, some messed up reading, but kept my interest peaked.
V.C. Andrews
comments: Have read a few of her series' and they were all very good. Might be a bitmore of a girly read - but definately not a romance type. Okay - maybe a bit too much on the incestuous side, but I still enjoy them.
Carol Sheilds
comments: Okay, I admit I have only read one of her books: "Larry's Party" but I really enjoyed it, and had to add her name as she is from Winnipeg, and recently passed away.
Karin Slaughter
comments: Great name. Karin (Karen) is my name. That alone makes her cool. With a last name like Slaughter she's born to write murder novels! Just read "Blindsighted." It rocked. I'm hooked. Plan to buy/read the series that follows.

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