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I'm changing this, for a change of pace. I live in CA and I am a (self-labeled) rockabilly retro opera singer (or singin' gal, if you prefer). I love old 40s and 50s stuff and I love music. This diary is really just where I do a lot of bitching to get it off of my chest. Some people tell me that they think it's funny. I'm probably just irritated - but thanks for the thought.

My favorite diaries:

dirtylinda profile - diary
comments: Hilarious reflections on life in bite size pieces. The first diary I ever read on Diaryland.
sicknick profile - diary
comments: I remember when I was working late nights in resturaunts and bars - you've got to have some spunk to deal with those assholes all damn night. She has the kind of realistic snap crunch that I can relate to. Kick ass chick.
abittergirl profile - diary
comments: She's a singer, and I think if we lived near each other, we'd have a ball!
pixie0323 profile - diary
comments: What a Cutie!
oddly-enough profile - diary
comments: I finally found another rockabilly girlie on here! Can't wait to see what she gets up to...
cargal profile - diary
comments: And this is her diary for her car. Too awesome -I love it. I should put up a diary for the Falcon.
hotrodgal profile - diary
comments: :D :D :D Her name is almost as cool as mine. Too bad I'm not living in Texas... yet. Ya never know, and they've got great opera down there!!

My favorite music:

Sam Cooke
comments: I learned that even if you write a novel in this space, only so much shows up. I love Sam Cooke. There
comments: Good friends of mine from Champaign, IL. Hard rawkin' Rockabilly.
comments: My favorite composer hands down. I feel like heaven when singing Mozart.
Tom Waits
comments: Awesome, and very sexy music. It appeals to me on a deep dark level.

My favorite movies:

Crazy in Alabama
comments: Kills the ass of a husband, cuts off his head, puts in in tupperware and carries it to California in the back seat of her car. Oh, and southern tension about Black equal rights, too.
Down By Law
comments: Tom Waits plays a disc-jockey who is thown in jail in New Orleans with a pimp and am Italian immigrant who speaks no English. Hilarious.
Mystery Train
comments: Another Jim Jarmusch film. Tom Waits cameos as the radio DJ.
Pretty In Pink
comments: Molly Ringwald's Andie was a role model for outcast teens - at least for me. Not to mention Duckie - what a pomp!

My favorite authors:

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