the outline to a complicated dream of dignity

i'm a 19 year old college student who either has way too much free time, or not enough time to do the necessary. welcome to my life.

My favorite diaries:

thephantom profile - diary
comments: me. defunct.
crushmaniac profile - diary
comments: me. again.
syntaxlies profile - diary
comments: "Everything she said was just, everything you could ever want to hear your best friend say to you."
barenaked500 profile - diary
comments: "If I had sex it would probably be right next to the dried apples on the coolness scale."
pink-banana profile - diary
comments: "I am the unemployed aunt. It's all a good time."
scanzilla profile - diary
comments: "Think about it, if you're so comfortable with your dicks cleanliness after taking a piss and don't bother washing your hands, then dunk your dick in a dozen donuts a coworker bought for the office, and THEN eat it."
perceptions profile - diary
comments: " i spent the weekend with my face pressed against a pillow. i haven't even gone outside, because it's not as soft."
kissacod profile - diary
comments: "However, the good news is that I will never be blamed for B.O. ever again."
jessrawk profile - diary
comments: "i am not sorry for what i am, nor what i am feeling. nor will i ever be."
indierawk profile - diary
comments: "that sounds a little multiple-personality, but i think you know what i mean."
nobodyfamous profile - diary
comments: "love of libraries, lust for the smell of books, adoration for the feel of journal covers."
asyouare profile - diary
comments: jamie!
aloka profile - diary
comments: "After that night, I stopped pitying myself & started living again."
sapphiresea profile - diary
comments: "I've been in a very creative mood since vacation started. Maybe since I got my hair cut some of the hair that was clogging the creative section of my brain is gone."
secretspace profile - diary
comments: "but i feel better having come out of the crush closet."
pancakeland profile - diary
comments: come on, who wouldn't love this?
amazingagain profile - diary
comments: love <3<3<3

My favorite music:

dropkick murphys
comments: really the only true punk that's out there these days... and it rocks!
sister hazel
comments: right now i'm obsessed with "your winter"
comments: i can't believe i actually saw them!
comments: i love these boys.
the weakerthans
comments: john k. samson is a genius. i'm glad he finally came to providence. i can't wait for their next tour.

My favorite movies:

pretty in pink
comments: even though i'd definitely pick duckie over blaine, and really, who wouldn't?
a knight's tale
comments: i'm obsessed with knights/jousting/fencing/etc. not heath ledger (although he's not bad, i'm just not obsessed with him)
10 things i hate about you
comments: rock. killer soundtrack, too.
swing kids
comments: great movie.
the holy grail
comments: genius. i have the special edition dvd that has monty python in LEGOS!

My favorite authors:

tamora pierce
comments: i've read all of her books many times over (a few i read 50+ times in one year). i know i have no life.
mercedes lackey
comments: "the last herald mage" will make you cry. the entire series.
stephen chbosky
comments: "the perks of being a wallflower", the official emo handbook.
oscar wilde
comments: pure genius.
douglas adams
comments: may he rest in peace.

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