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"Listen to me," said the Butterfly. "No, don't listen to me, LISTEN to me..."

Disclaimer: Most of my "favorites", especially concerning books, are really just what I'm reading, or listening to, at the moment, or the last movie(s) I saw; REAL favorites will be indicated by stars (***)...just in case you care.

My favorite diaries:

ArcherRhodes profile - diary
comments: "If the Tree of eternal life bears no fruit, is it dead as well??"
sunshine831 profile - diary
comments: "He also did a bunch of other things I didn't know he knew how to do. Heh, like use the vacuum."
bliss-sad profile - diary
comments: "I know I'm the one leaving, but I also know that in the end, I'll be the one left behind."
inimitable profile - diary

My favorite music:

Third Eye Blind
comments: "I would walk with my people, if I could find them."
Arlene Bishop
comments: "Man, this wind really blows my mind. I must be made of windchimes on the inside."
comments: "I don't wanna come back down from this cloud; it's taken me all this time to find out what I need."
comments: "We're leaving here tonight. There's no need to tell anyone; they'd only hold us down, so by the morning's light, we'll be halfway to anywhere."
Avenged Sevenfold
comments: "Seize the day or die regretting the time you lost."

My favorite movies:

The People Under the Stairs
comments: ****"Your father's one sick mother...actually, your mother's one sick mother, too."****
Donnie Darko
comments: *~"Every living creature on earth dies alone".~*
The Last Unicorn
comments: ***"I'm always dreaming. Even when I'm awake, I'm dreaming."***
comments: ***"What care I for human hearts? Soft and spiritless as porridge! A fairy's heart beats fierce and free!"***
comments: ***"I ask for so little. Just fear me, love me, do as I say, and I will be your slave!"***

My favorite authors:

J.R.R. Tolkein
comments: **"The Hobbit"**
H.G. Wells
comments: *"The Time Machine"*
Diana Gabaldon
comments: *"Drums of Autumn"*
Atoine de Saint-Exupery
comments: ***"The Little Prince"***
Chuck Palahnuik
comments: *"Haunted"*

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