i'm neat. i promise.

my name is sarah. i'm 19. i'm going to marry a superwonderful boy named barry. also, i've been obsessed with self portraits [using the timer on my digital camera] lately & i ate a bagel for breakfast.

My favorite diaries:

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My favorite music:

ednas goldfish
the reunion show
the juliana theory
comments: also: saves the day, the prom, autopilot off & death cab for cutie are on the list.
comments: [creed and dave matthews band are NOT on the list. they SUCK like no other. please realize this.]

My favorite movies:

american history x / fight club
american beauty / primal fear
office space / run lola run
high fidelity / almost famous
the matrix / ...anything that is NOT "slacker"

My favorite authors:

stephen chbosky
dave eggers
saul williams
harper lee

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