And that's how I choose to remember it.

I'm in high school, which kind of sucks, but I have a diary that doesn't. So go look at it already.

My favorite diaries:

Katie profile - diary
comments: she's at - she's also my best friend. So visit her journal!
Allyb85 profile - diary
comments: Woo! It's allison! She's the first person to sign my board!
UncleBob profile - diary
comments: Because he's the funniest man alive.
Shannon profile - diary
comments: at - a very funny girl. Trust me!
fenestra profile - diary
comments: Caroline! Big fan!
moonfruit profile - diary
comments: Maya's journal. Maya is one cool Canadian.
unfaithfull profile - diary
comments: She tags my board, which earns her instant points. And I'm on her faves list! It's all very kick-ass.
lovesponge profile - diary
comments: Mich!!!! Who didn't tell me she had a diary until about 3 years after the fact, but that's ok. I still love her.
carabat profile - diary
comments: She thinks we were seperated at birth, and I think she may be right. Buffy and Luke Wilson, baby.

My favorite music:

Sheryl Crow
comments: She has probably done about 4 of my top 10 favorite songs of all time. I will love her forever and ever. Sheryl is my musical girlfriend.
Death Cab for Cutie
comments: My god, what an amazing band. So. great.
comments: An awesome band to rock out to. Also, they're fantastic live.
The Clash
comments: How can you not like the Clash? How, I ask, how?
comments: Probably the best band ever. So many classics, so little time.

My favorite movies:

When Harry Met Sally...
comments: Yes, it's cliched, but it still tears me up every time. Easily the best romantic comedy ever, and up there with my favorite movies of all time.
Can't Hardly Wait
comments: Everyone and their mother is in this movie, including my personal Jesus, Lauren Ambrose. A great movie, even if it does involve Jennifer Love Hewitt. You can forgive it for that. Right?
Office Space
comments: Sweet jebus, what a funny movie. I've seen it roughly one bajillion times, and I never get sick of it.
Psycho Beach Party
comments: Another Lauren Ambrose movie, I'm sorry, she's just my favorite actress ever. This movie is the definition of camp, and it's hilarious to boot. Added bonus, Nick Brendon from 'Buffy'! In trunks! Looking hot!
The Royal Tenenbaums
comments: Almost as good as Rushmore, but I just thought I would list this one because of the oh-so-beautiful Luke Wilson. Anyhoo, great cast (the Wilson brothers! Ben Stiller!) and a beautiful story, in an extremely neurotic sort of way.

My favorite authors:

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