Confessions of a Contradictory Mind

a movie maniac, a fencing maniac, a chinese classics maniac, a optimistic maniac, a antitheism maniac, a music maniac, a science maniac...actually...quite a contradictory maniac as well~ =P

A Chinese girl living amongst Scottish people, a whole new world, or a clash of two totally different cultures?!

My favorite diaries:

My favorite music:

comments: How cool and great can they get?
Josh Groban
comments: ok...not a band, but there's no option as 'singer' so wut can I do?? He's just adorable...soulful voice...the most wonderful voice i've ever heard, angelic...powerful yet touching, best pop opera ever...
Ronan Keating
comments: no girl can resist the charisma of the ex-lead singer of 'Boyzone', or can they?? u tell me...
Clay Aiken
comments: amazing...juz amazing...strange thing is, he's not handsome at all, but u juz LOVE to see him, esp. when he sings...

My favorite movies:

The Pianist
comments: BEST movie ever...unique styling, cool (cold?) and supressing throughout, wonderful performances by Adrien Brody...
The Legend of 1900
comments: The first movie that makes me cry...n amount of tears is directly proportional to the no. of times I've watched it...
comments: Only the first episode...great martial arts director!!!!! Viva la Chinese!! (Yuan He of the greatest martialists of last century...)

My favorite authors:

Gu Ling
comments: funny and romantic stories...rather unrealistic though, but VERY enjoyable
Jane Austin
comments: There is no girl who doesn't like Pride and Prejudice...

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