art lost it's basic creative drive the moment it was separated from worship...

none of my friends on here ever update...they have all moved to fancier blog sites. but, here i remain...

My favorite diaries:

hoser3691 profile - diary
comments: my friend adam
pancake718 profile - diary
comments: my friend suzy, who is married my friend adam
monkeywebb profile - diary
comments: nick who started this craze, who's diarys i love to read!
belle-dancer profile - diary
comments: my kindred spirt and soul sista, real sister to the heart breaker otherwise known as jon
mr-popular profile - diary
comments: my rock star friend, who used to take out my trash. I love dream come false. he gave up on updating.
coolmumbys profile - diary
comments:'s like a breath of fresh air. 2 of my favorite people...
ktmumbles profile - diary
comments: this guy's canadian...enough said, he's also one of my very best friends! i love him more than timbits!
peeled profile - diary
comments: adam adam, oh how i love you adam. another canadian and y2y guy. what a combination!
riverboat profile - diary
comments: peters 2nd attempt sure to be a major sucess! this kid is freakin amazing, he's a boy version of me
deaner23 profile - diary
comments: yeah, i love dean, he's my 1st canadian friend!!!
danmcguire profile - diary
comments: sometimes there are not words to decribe how strange people are.
billylomas1 profile - diary
comments: dave is cool.
sinvancouver profile - diary
comments: a lovely girl who has a way with words and love
mod-podger profile - diary
comments: my rad friend katie, and serriously she will modge podge you if you sit still to long
tigers4trace profile - diary
comments: my friend tracey, she's really neat, and makes me feel good about who i am
ninjadave profile - diary
comments: his diary consists of 1 im conversation between us, he's going to be famous one day
xanthis profile - diary
comments: texas is really far away...
alightner profile - diary
comments: conner, he's cool, and likes climbing.
gluinthings profile - diary
comments: doesn't update often, but will either shock you, or make you laugh
meownina profile - diary
comments: cool girl who knows a ton about good music
alainaw00 profile - diary
comments: cool y2y girl
meggy5000 profile - diary
comments: more y2y peeps
texasninja profile - diary
comments: i had intense feelings for him, but it didn't work out.

My favorite music:

Jimmy Eat World
comments: David Gray,The Ataris, Something Corporate, Finch, Juliana Theory, Further Seems Forever
Jason Upton
comments: The David Crowder Band, Tim Hughes, Heather Clark, Lifehouse
Rita Springer
comments: Ardent, Everyone, Jeremy Camp
Dave Mathews
comments: All American Rejects, Justin Timberlake, Frau Frau, Sinatra
comments: U2, John Mayer, Train, OLP, Goo Dolls, Match Box 20, Annie Lennox, Bap Kennedy

My favorite movies:

Say Anything
Shawshank Redemption
Sweet Home Alabama
comments: and the Power of One

My favorite authors:

W. Shakespear
Larry Crabb
C.S Lewis
Beth Moore

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