bunny luv

i'm really pleased with having the simple things in life...


good food


exotic beach vacations

and my amazing boyfriend

My favorite diaries:

My favorite music:

gillian welch
comments: a foot-tapping extraveganza but mostly i like her because she slows my heartbeat like nothing else
bruce springsteen
comments: a glory product of jersey
comments: the only man in stacked cubans that can honestly be considered a 'sexy motha' fucka shakin' dat ass'
joe henry
comments: because he knows i'm the meanest flower
neil young
comments: will forever leave all other musicians something to aspire to

My favorite movies:

withnail and i
comments: drunk british cult classic
ichi the killer
comments: so many good movies come out of japan but this is by far the best and bloodiest
before sunrise
comments: when i first saw this movie i didn't return it to the video store for three weeks... the next time i rented it i never returned it.
sex y lucia
comments: because when i fall in love i will walk right up and say so ... oh yea and that i'm the mother of their future children before they even know my name.
gas food lodging
comments: because it appeals to my temptation of getting knocked up in a cave and living in a trailer

My favorite authors:

dylan thomas
comments: his wife Caitlin used to beat him when he came home drunk with no money "your only going for fornication and flattery"
angela carter
comments: fierce feminist fairy teller
lewis carroll
comments: when i first went to the ashmolean museum in oxford i took a tab of acid just so i could rewrite alice's adventures in my head. i almost walked off with the taxedermic dodo.
aleister crowley
comments: raised by plymouth brethern he wrote 'The Diary of a Drug Fiend' and died with last words "sometimes... i hate myself"
dermot healy
comments: read 'A Goat's Song' ... drunk as hell through love and loss in the west of ireland

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