drinking for all the wrong reasons

i have a blatant disregard for personal hygeine.

My favorite diaries:

deathwishkid profile - diary
comments: "I saw the movie Soylent Green today and i thought to myself that if the future is like that i dont want to live in it. so i spent a good couple hours watchin the History Channel till I realized i don't like the past so much either."
pantybrains profile - diary
comments: hell yes.
wubby profile - diary
comments: oh yea.
pixiia-8 profile - diary
comments: you'd better believe it.

My favorite music:

comments: spazz, asshole parade, social coma, charles bronson, macc lads, riverdales, shonen knife, mr t experience, neil perry, pretty girls make graves, digger (only the "powerbait" album...the rest suck ass), civil disobedience
Boris the Sprinkler
comments: operation: cliff clavin, queers, ramones, screeching weasel, automatics, cub, lillingtons, orchid, the red scare, organic, fifteen, crimpshine, joan of arc, pg 99, icarus line, oi polloi, mankind, groovie ghoulies, locust, mopes, mc rackins
ABC Diablo
comments: in flames, emperor, dying fetus, hecate enthroned, deicide, nile, dystopia, his hero is gone, jon cougar concentration camp, american steel, kid dynamite, the huns, twelve hour turn, rasputina
They Might Be Giants
comments: methadones, cretins, venus d. ablo, skinless, grimple, capn' jazz, fuck on the beach, crispus attucks, life detecting coffins, drop dead
Mindless Self Indulgence
comments: joan of arc, james taylor, refused, exclaim, jellyroll rockheads, nigel pepper cock, meatmen, j church, tonight, scholastic deth, army of ponch, cave in, guitar wolf, corn on macabre

My favorite movies:

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
comments: bill & ted's bogus journey, strange brew, the jerk, slacker, run lola run
comments: mallrats, chasing amy, dogma, jay and silent bob strike back, man on the moon, fast times at ridgemont high
Fight Club
comments: harold and maude, toxic avenger, class of nuke em high, point break (gary busey like a mawfukker), dumb and dumber
Rock n' Roll High School
comments: star wars, dead alive, better off dead, baseketball, forrest gump (it's a great movie...fuck off), breakfast club
Night of the Living Dead
comments: i zombie, texas chainsaw massacre 1 & 2 (fuck everything after that), bowling for columbine

My favorite authors:

Charles Bukowski
comments: anything.
Dave Edgers
comments: heartbreaking work of staggering genius
Tom Robbins
comments: tom mother fucking robbins.
Douglas Adams
comments: hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, bitch.
Anton LeVay
comments: my favorite satanist ever.

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