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My favorite diaries:

verdine    profile - diary
comments:  is my diary of constant wisdom. i am lucky to know her.
velcroface    profile - diary
comments:  should write more.
hungerhurts    profile - diary
comments:  is my bestest friend in the whole wide world.
jcruelty    profile - diary
comments:  will always be my official internet crush.
elipsis    profile - diary
comments:  is like cleaning your glasses and seeing the world for the first time.
radiantfire    profile - diary
comments:  will always be someone i cherish.
moonrattles    profile - diary
comments:  carefully notes the sharp and delicate nuances of her daily life.
a177    profile - diary
comments:  is a published and gifted mind and my favorite person to send junk to in the mail.
boyfromks    profile - diary
comments:  gives twee a bad name, but hey, we forgive him, right?
angrybuddha    profile - diary
comments:  is a noble guy who tells it how it is.
near-sighted    profile - diary
comments:  is back and ready to dazzle readers with her tales of adventure once again.
laura-jane    profile - diary
comments:  is like a long lost twin who does all of it with a grace i could never match.
jbtsugar89    profile - diary
comments:  flies kites and flutters hearts.
trumpzero    profile - diary
comments:  is one of my favorite, yet-to-meet people.
fireflea    profile - diary
comments:  writes infrequently, but when she does it only makes you yearn for more!
andrew    profile - diary
comments:  is not only the creator of this awesome site, but also the best rumor maker ever.
spacemuppet    profile - diary
comments:  shares my love for explodingdog.com.
humanspirit    profile - diary
comments:  is one of the cutest girls to ever grace diaryland.
boogityx2    profile - diary
comments:  is hilarious and kind.
perceptionss    profile - diary
comments:  tells the best tall tales and the best real tales.
tigerknight    profile - diary
comments:  is probably the most brilliant person i have ever known (and knows it).
jevon    profile - diary
comments:  is wonderfully genuine and smart as a whip.
brdwaybebe    profile - diary
comments:  loves jesus and cheers me up in the best possible ways.
natalie-dee    profile - diary
comments:  draws super awesome online comics and gives excellent advice.
neangel    profile - diary
comments:  is the best online friend a girl can have.
crei    profile - diary
comments:  has a musical mind and a musical heart.
fuctor    profile - diary
comments:  is rad like rock and smart like bach.
janna182    profile - diary
comments:  is, as a true bostonian would say it, "wicked cool".
gumphood    profile - diary
comments:  sets the precedent for how to write a good diary both in example and flat out demands. :)
ironfist    profile - diary
comments:  is funny and entertaining. it must run in the family.
sirrybeans    profile - diary
comments:  easily brings a smile to my face.
bsmtapt    profile - diary
comments:  is a girl worth writing 100,000 songs about and then some.
penmaster    profile - diary
comments:  reads like a good book.
meli-melo    profile - diary
comments:  is infectously cute.
drunk-inside    profile - diary
comments:  is a future rockstar.
blucollarboy    profile - diary
comments:  is a future novelist.
lisa-knits    profile - diary
comments:  knits and writes lovely accounts of the daily adventures of motherhood.
tandeetaylor    profile - diary
comments:  has the best kind of heart-- the kind that picks up where even the best of minds are limited.
oral-report    profile - diary
redsapphire    profile - diary
cornmo    profile - diary
comments:  rocks the accordion, rocks the mic, rocks my socks* (edited for your precious eyes).
super-suzan    profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments:  they are the rythmn in my blood.
iron and wine
comments:  a history of lovers.
clem snide
comments:  the best band i almost never heard.
gillian welch
comments:  "i want to electrify my soul"
don mclean
comments:  "and how you suffered for your sanity"

My favorite movies:

legally blonde
comments:  it makes me happy when i am sad. what more can we ask for?
comments:  the union of faith and fact will always be a timeless story.
little man tate
comments:  for months after seeing this movie i wished i was insanely brillant. instead, i learned later it was about just being happy with being yourself.
the princess bride
comments:  buttercup has a beard!
o brother where art thou
comments:  i liked this so much i stole the demo tape. yes, i did.

My favorite authors:

george orwell
comments:  if he were alive, i'd try to convince him to marry me. instead, i sit wistful absorbing all that i can of his words.
john donne
comments:  his poetry forever marks me.
jack london
comments:  he writes of us.
daniel clowes
comments:  he is why i love comics.
howard zinn
comments:  the history teacher i should have had in high school.

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