Cherie the Mommy, the Confused, the Bored Housewife, the Former Future Intelligentista, the Lonely, the Waster of Time

I don't really think anyone will read my diary, I'm doing it mostly for myself, but who knows, some lonely soul may happen upon it of a sudden. And then we can be friends. Because I'm lonely. I'm 21, married, mother of a Beautiful Boy, I used to be smart and have goals, but now I'm just addled and lazy. I was in the Army, add that to my long list of "was." I "was" attractive. I "was" interesting. I "was" excited about the future. I am lazy, fat, seeking something to be good at, to enjoy, and to get me to give up my habits and be a better mother to my Beautiful Son who I Love.

My favorite diaries:

shesajar profile - diary
comments: Of candy. Quite literally.
fuctor profile - diary
comments: I'm living my life vicariously through her. She does all the things I've never done. The only question is, how do I see myself doing what she does when I had the chance and didn't do what she does?
meli-melo profile - diary
comments: I've grown accustomed to her update.
bluecollarboy profile - diary
comments: A soldier serving in Iraq, a reminder of the fate I escaped.
aghostisborn profile - diary
comments: The new face of ol' jar o' candy. Serving the idealist in all of us.
galaxyrabbit profile - diary
comments: Have you ever seen someone who was really popular, and you thought, "Why is she so popular?" but at the same time, you thought, "She totally derserves to be that popular." ?
saamba profile - diary
comments: "Him" is funny as hell.
so-charming profile - diary
comments: Well, I always want to find people like me, so I tend to try and find things in people that are like me, and then I project the rest of me onto them, so be weary when I say, "She seems like what I'll be like when I'm older."
violet-leigh profile - diary
comments: I'm fascinated by the transition. First entries about sex and guys, now we're up to working mother. Ain't life grand?
jcruelty profile - diary
comments: It's the what you talk about, it's the way you talk about the what.
elipsis profile - diary
comments: To bring a little deep reflection back, to remind us it's OK.
myolddiary profile - diary
comments: This is my old paper diary, which I've been typing up, and I thought I would share. Just remember that at the start of this journal, I am 14 years. Read accordingly.

My favorite music:

The Beatles
comments: Still the best. If voodoo is real then they knew how to do it because they make me feel *sick*
comments: He's going the distance
Dave Mathews Band
Elliot Smith
comments: I don't know that much about music. It's this whole other world out there, and I feel overwhelmed by it, so I just stay away.

My favorite movies:

comments: Amelie, About a Boy, Pirates of the Carribean, American Beauty
The Shawshank Redemption
comments: The Two Towers, There's Something About Mary, Grosse Pointe Blank,
The Royal Tanenbaums
comments: The Usual Suspects, The Truman Show, Adaptation, Being John Malcovich
Fight Club
comments: Office Space, Shakespeare in Love, Amadeus, Y Tu Mama Tambien
Donnie Brasco
comments: Who can name just 5? I'm sure there'll be more when I see all the movies I haven't seen ( no time for theatres)

My favorite authors:

Ayn Rand
comments: Even if I'm not libertarian anymore, I still think she's a genuis and very powerful. I might still be conservative if it wasn't for her. God forbid.
Jane Austen & George Eliot
comments: I'm a softy for the classics
More that I haven't read yet or don't remember now

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