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I got kicked out of The Indie Hipsters for smiling.

My favorite diaries:

Amelie312 profile - diary
comments: I love when my friends listen to something I talk about and then do it themself!
sedation profile - diary
comments: what lovely prose
dyermaker37 profile - diary
comments: "this everyperson I do not know and have never met nor ever knew of until the moment when i clicked my mouse and was suddenly standing on the front porch of their mind."
fadein profile - diary
comments: Feh. Din.
rudey profile - diary
comments: The original Sexy Bitch
ann-frank profile - diary
comments: Totally funny
elle8 profile - diary
comments: This level of cuteness I can only dream of achieving
tincan815 profile - diary
comments: She did my most recent design
ailee profile - diary
comments: She quoted my favorite Cake song, and she eeped.
might profile - diary
comments: She knows how to be strong, she has great taste in music and literature, and is beyond a doubt the coolest librarian ever.
synapticburn profile - diary
comments: I'm a sucker for smartasses
cairli profile - diary
comments: I dig her love of the medieval stuff and Gaelic. Plus, her entries about her husband are adorable
slithy-toves profile - diary
comments: I'm going to lure her away from Scotland to join me in my master plan. (i shouldn't have mentioned that)
bejaluna profile - diary
comments: Another darling girl. She will teach me to speak Irish someday, maybe, if I'm nice and I smile real pretty.
peth profile - diary
comments: Also a very cool librarian. She's helped with the cool by both being HOTT and having a Shit Shack to renovate
schulerbop profile - diary
comments: He's a pompous bastard, and I love it!!
savagelucy profile - diary
comments: A friend of a friend
lukeduke profile - diary
comments: Maybe gaining another favorite will cheer him up a bit.
xtymonster profile - diary
comments: My other, non-secret diary (lacking a design for now, give me a couple of days!)
prolixity22 profile - diary
comments: I'd be a shitty girlfriend if I didn't link her
samsa profile - diary
comments: good taste in poetry is good enough for me.
andthoughts profile - diary
comments: Someone who won't laugh when I say that after a british movie my thoughts are in a british accent
shesajar profile - diary
comments: M is one of the people on diaryland that I'd really like to have as a friend in real life.
prolictic profile - diary
comments: Jess, v.1.0
tvzero profile - diary
comments: In a bout of sentimentality, I just really missed reading him.
swirledgrl profile - diary
conclusions profile - diary
comments: I think she's a bit of a kindred spirit
nightlynews profile - diary
comments: She may be my neighbor in a couple of months!
zantimisfit profile - diary
comments: I mostly just like how she has the weirdest AIM conversations ever.
aghostisborn profile - diary
comments: Let it never be said that I don't follow my friends where they go.
ohell profile - diary
comments: An entry resonates, a friend is added.
pan-opticon profile - diary
comments: I like their entries, even if I usually have no idea what they're about.
omnipre5ence profile - diary
thesenotes profile - diary
cahoots profile - diary
comments: she made me laugh when I was crying.
argentum profile - diary

My favorite music:

Ben Folds Five
comments: Modest Mouse, Clinic, Masters of the Hemisphere
comments: A must-love for any janna182, also Veruca Salt and Liz Phair
Elliott Smith
comments: Jude, Fiona Apple, Rufus Wainwright, Sleater Kinney, Le Tigre, and Poe
The Dismemberment Plan
comments: Death Cab for Cutie, Common, Rilo Kiley
comments: Apples in Stereo, Cake, Dressy Bessy, Junior Senior

My favorite movies:

comments: I want to be her. GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!
Wayne's World
comments: I love anything and everything that involves Wayne's World, including people who quote it.
comments: I want to be Ellie Arroway too... I'm a sucker for astronomy
The Royal Tenenbaums
comments: Genius
Lost in Translation
comments: The story of me and another boy, told much better than I ever could have done.

My favorite authors:

Paolo Coelho
comments: I've only read "the Alchemist" but it's the best, most wonderful book ever, and that's enough for me.
Anne McCaffrey
comments: I've been reading her for 8 years, and I never tire of her sci-fi/fantasy.
Hermann Hesse
comments: Demian is great. Go read it. (his other stuff is excellent as well)
Elie Wiesel
comments: His prose is painful and beautiful; the only way to read first-hand prose about the Holocaust.
WB Yeats
comments: An Irish poet who shares my birthday: what more could I ask for??

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