Oh, I have no idea what I'd "like" everyone to know about me, unfortunately, that's what got me into so much trouble in the first place.

My favorite diaries:

projectavoid profile - diary
wrecking profile - diary
nowait profile - diary
wubby profile - diary
bluehamster profile - diary
ohdoiloveyou profile - diary
geekpride profile - diary
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My favorite music:

Godspeed You Black Emperor
comments: + Silver Mt Zion, Stars of the Lid, Sigur Ros.
Aphex Twin
comments: + Stereolab, older u-ziq, squarepusher, notwist, some autechre
Magnetic Fields
comments: + Postal Service, Charlene, Folk Implosion, Clinic
Neutral Milk Hotel
comments: + The Gerbils, The Lovers, Mantissa
K Records
comments: Beck, Built to Spill, Modest Mouse, Beat Happening, Halo Benders, ICU

My favorite movies:

comments: and most other Hal Hartley: Henry Fool, Book of Life, Flirt, Surviving Desire
Mulholland Drive
comments: And everything else by David Lynch
Indie Movies
comments: My Dinner With Andre, Buffalo 66, The Hudsucker Proxy, Ghost World
It's A Wonderful Life

My favorite authors:

JD Salinger
comments: Me and everyone else on diaryland.
Ayn Rand
comments: The Fountainhead is undoubtedly a great book that has had a huge impact on my life, but I have grown to dislike everything else this woman stands for.
Tom Robbins
Charles Bukowski
comments: + Rilke, Issa
Andy Warhol

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