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I'm a wife, mother, knitter, government wage slave, music lover and cat owner. None of that is in order of priority. Totally depends on my mood for the day. Today I am a Mother and knitter. Tomorrow I may be a music lover, and to heck with the kids.

And I'm probably as boring as watching paint dry. But I'm happy with my lot in life. Are you?

My diary here is meant as a way to keep track of my knitting; chronicle my progress in teaching myself new things; and basically just ramble on about yarn and whatever else strikes me at the time.

Lately, I've been talking more about life and less about knitting. But, mostly this is still my main way of keeping up with my knitting projects.

And I have this list of diaries that I read, and I used to have comments, but then I ran out of things to say. Kinda like a highschool yearbook. So I deleted my lame comments.

My favorite diaries:

ann-frank profile - diary
idiot-milk profile - diary
milkmaid profile - diary
dangerspouse profile - diary

My favorite music:

The Uninvited
comments: Now occasionally performing as "White Trash Compactor"
Barenaked Ladies
comments: Excellent Live Shows
Violent Femmes
comments: I hope you know that this will go down on your permanent record.
Pearl Jam
comments: The early stuff more than the newer stuff
comments: Eclectic

My favorite movies:

Princess Bride
comments: Have fun storming the castle.
Office Space
comments: Excuse me, I believe you have my stapler.
The Crow
Monty Python
comments: Any of them
comments: The original. Or anything with Sean Connery.

My favorite authors:

Robert Jordan
comments: I only wish he wrote faster!
Tad Williams
comments: excellent storytelling
Stephen King
comments: still gives me goose bumps
Guy Gavriel Kay
comments: Song for Arbonne

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